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48 hours until race day

The half marathon is on Sunday.  I am almost there. 

These are my running shoes.  They were bright white and shiney metallic, fresh out of the box when all of this training started. 

About three weeks ago I tried to retire them for a new pair I could break in before the race.  But they wouldn’t let me go.  After three pairs of replacements returned to the store, I came back to them.  They have been so good to my feet and the others just didn’t feel right.  It was if they were protesting, “We did all these miles, too.  Don’t think you’re going to ditch us on race day.  We want our glory!”

I understand, shoes.  I don’t blame you.  I guess I want a little glory, too.

Conversation with my shoes aside, I am really excited for this race.  There’s a little part of me that wonders if I can withstand the mental challenge, especially in those last three miles, but most of me is raring to go.  I’ve been hesitant to share my goal,  but here it is: 10 minute miles.  That will put me in at a little over 2 hours and 10 minutes.  I think I can do it, I’m pretty sure I can do it . . . we will see.

As for my fundraising for child soldiers through Pilgrim, it looks as though no one has donated anything to the cause.  I am disappointed by this, BUT there is still a couple days left before the race!  Please, please consider giving to this great organization who is helping children in Uganda heal from their lives as child soldiers in the LRA.  Visit Pilgrim’s donation page to do so (enter amount next to EHaggard Race). If you’re reading about this for the first time, please vist my half marathon web page.

Lastly, if you think about me on Sunday during the hours of 7:30am-10am PST, please not only pray for me as I run, but also pray for the kids at Pilgrim’s Beacon College and all children affected by child soldiering (which occurs not just in Africa but in many parts of the world).  You can see photos of the kids at Beacon and pray for them by name at Pilgrim’s website.  I will be praying with you.

Also, if you think of me on Sunday, please comment on my web page, it will be really encouraging to me when I return home from the race.

My fantastic husband will be cheering me on and will of course be taking photos and probably video, so you can look forward to it next week.  We’ll also try to catch as much of Victoria as we can and share it with you all.


Half marathon update

Today starts week 10 of my half marathon training.  On Sunday I ran my longest run yet–eight miles.  Actually, it’s the longest run I’ve done since high school.  And of course it wouldn’t have been complete without a torrential downpour during the last 30 minutes of it.

No I did not go to Harvard.

No I did not go to Harvard. If I had, I would be crazy and doing an Ironman.

If I look happy in this photos it’s because I actually AM  happy (and not because I just finished). Jason ran the first lap with me around Greenlake, then I ran a second by myself and ran home from there. It was so much fun. 

In fact, fun has pretty much been the standard concerning this training experience. There have been a few days where I just haven’t felt like hitting the pavement, but for the most part the time has been really beneficial for me in numerous ways.  And despite what the photo shows, I have had great weather most of the time.

The only hiccup I’ve had is a small bike accident . . . which is a bit embarassing.  I fell over onto our neighbor’s parked boat when my bike chain locked as I was coming up the hill to our house.  Thankfully, I wasn’t going very fast, the boat came away unscathed, and no one was around to see it happen 🙂

My time running and biking has also been really great for me spiritually.  Sometimes I listen to sermons or worship music, other times I just run in silence to clear my mind and relax.  At some point during almost all my runs I pray.  And that’s a big deal to me because it’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed praying for an extended period of time.  Obviously, there are other factors involved in why I’m feeling this way, but doing something I love is helping. 

Photo courtesy of World Vision

Photo courtesy of World Vision

One thing I am praying for in my workout time are former child soldiers in Uganda.  As you recall from my previous post, I am looking for people to come alongside me in my training efforts and pray and/or donate funds to Pilgrim’s Beacon College in Uganda. 

Beacon is a school where kids are being healed from their life as child soldiers, acclamating back into society, receiving an education, and meeting Jesus.  I have really enjoyed praying for these kids.  In the past I have felt like there’s nothing I can do to help people suffering, but this time I really believe that God hears my prayers and that they are making a difference, even if only the eyes of my faith can see it.

I know that everyone has a lot on their mind and that the economy is certainly influencing our financial decisions, but please consider getting involved in some way.  Maybe it’s just praying for these kids every time you read this blog or maybe it’s something more.  If you’d like to, you can meet Beacon’s students here and even sponsor one if you like.

Although I don’t have to know if you’re participating, I would really like to.  I’ve created a separate page on the blog (along the top of the web page, entitled “Half Marathon“) that talks about former child soldiers and about Pilgrim’s work in Uganda.  I’ve added more resources and photos, so please do check it out

If decide to get involved you can comment here or there, drop me an email, or tell me in person. Also, if you know anyone who you think would be interested in what I’m doing, please do send them a link to the blog.

If your heart is entrenched in some other cause, I would love to know about that, too.  There is so much that God is calling us to do to be a part of His redemptive work in the world.  It’s encouraging to hear what people care about.

Here’s to my happy running!

Help me run a half marathon

[I accidently deleted this post and had to post it again.  So, if you are receiving it for the second time, I apologize.]

I mentioned briefly a few posts ago that I’ve gotten up the gumption to start training for a half marathon. The subject was brought up between Jason and I during my pregnancy, but I thought it was really just one of those pie-in-the-sky type goals that pregnant women make when they look at their puffy faces in the mirror. So, I didn’t take myself all that seriously.

The truth is that I’ve always wanted to do a half, ever since my cross country days in high school, and I even trained for one a couple years ago, but at the end of training I didn’t complete it as I got sidetracked with an out-of-the-country work trip. I had so much fun training then that I knew I would love to try it again.

Well, I guess I should’ve taken myself a bit more seriously because now I’m actually doing it–I’ve registered for the Victoria B.C. race and I’m into week five of my training! I’m even riding my bike on my cross-training days and have enjoyed it so much that that could easily become another time-sucking hobby. We will see.

Details of training aside, there are several reasons why I’m running this half-marathon: to help me remember what it’s like to do something I really love and to do it, to enjoy the outdoors during this time of year, to get out of the house and have some moments of peace and quiet, etc.

But, there is one important reason why I’m doing this and I would love if you would participate with me in it. I am hoping to bring awareness, lift up prayers, and raise funds for former child soldiers in Uganda through Pilgrim, a Christian relief organization.

For those who don’t know about this issue, a man named Joseph Kony has organized the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in northern Uganda and claims that he is inspired by the Holy Spirit to rebel against the Ugandan government. He is clearly not a follower of Jesus, but that of Satan. Part of his plan involves abducting Ugandan children and forcing them to become solidiers, brainwashing them to kill and destroy.

I first learned about this during my time at World Vision. Thankfully, since then child abduction for these purposes is not much of a problem anymore, as the LRA has diminished in it’s power. But there are thousands of kids left behind who are displaced and traumatized, trying to recover from what has happened to them.

When I thought about a cause I could contribute to, this issue came to my mind particularly because I’m a mom and when I try to imagine kids just like my son enduring such things my heart breaks.

Please partner with me in helping former child soldiers. You can do so in a few ways.

1. Learn more about kids who are recovering from life as a child solider by watching this video.

2. Pray. Ask God to heal these children. Ask Him to give them the greatest gift of all, their salvation. Pray against the enemy, who would try to thwart this.

3. Give to Pilgrim’s Beacon College (featured in the video), a place where kids who were formerly child soldiers are receiving an education, tools to help them heal, and the gospel. There are currently about 500 kids there, but many more who would like to participate. Please pledge to donate a certain amount for every mile I run in training (about 150 miles) and maybe even double the amount for the race (13.1 miles) 🙂 I promise I’ll run my heart out!

If you decide to participate in any of these ways, please comment below. If you feel comfortable specifying how much you’ll pledge per mile and for how many miles, please say so. But whatever way you choose to partner with me, I will be very excited and want to know about it.

If you do give, go on to Pilgrim’s donation page and put in the total amount next to “E Haggard Race”. I will be reporting back on my training progress and the total amount of money I’ve raised so far.

Thanks in advance to everyone who will be supporting me!