I am Elisabeth. I have this blog because I like to write, to show off my kids, and to be honest, receive applause from you from time to time.

I started Bliss and the Battlefield when my husband, Jason, and I got engaged.  Our meeting and marriage is a very dramatic story, one which I still haven’t fully told on this blog.  I’ve never been married to anyone else before so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but we’ve had a lot of fights in our day and also some wonderful moments where heaven has come down and I’ve seen that God is writing our story beautifully.  Hence, the name of this blog.

Since we married in 2007 we have had a miscarriage, had a baby boy, changed churches, had another miscarriage, had a baby girl, Jason has quit a job and gone back to school and then started another job, and then we bought a house.  Since that wasn’t nearly enough for us to handle, we got pregnant and had our third adorable Haggard.

In the middle of all that, right after baby girl came along, I started having a lot of physical and emotional struggles which two years later got me a postpartum mood disorder diagnosis.  So that’s been interesting for all of us.  I try to talk about that on this blog, but of course with a guarded hesitation because I still want you all to think that I am able to attain some sort of normalcy in the midst of it all.

Here is my lovely family.

This is Jason – he’s always tired.  He’s also amazing, but I try not to tell him that too often because he’s more than well aware.


This is my eldest, Ian. This is a common state of his being.


The middle child, Imogen. She’s obviously sweet and doe-eyed, but mischievous as well.


The youngest, Beatrice. She’s on a mission to rule the roost, but her long-term success is still to be determined.


And here’s just a glimpse of my personage because the rest of me would be in a bathrobe and nobody wants to see that. (Sorry if you have seen that.)


In my spare time I sleep (cause I didn’t do that for about two years). I’m trying to stop the proliferation of wrinkles that insomnia has caused, as well as the insanity.

I’m hoping to keep up my book reading and ride my bike and run, as those are all old loves of mine. And I’m dabbling in photography and maybe some other artistic endeavors.

And I write–that’s something that hasn’t left me alone since I was a kid.

I hope you find something you enjoy here.


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  3. Jason is remarkable co-worker, he’s been one of my reason to come to work everyday and laugh and smile… I blew that by letting my frustrations with work out on him. May we all find our way past the bad times and make it good again…

  4. Lisa, hey, I have been thinking about you, and how you have been feeling lately? I hope things are getting better for you, praying for you. Love ya, Erin 🙂

  5. trying to send genealogy information…need an email address

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