Imogen turns three

I can’t believe it’s been three years.

So much has happened with our family in the span of Imogen’s life. In some ways, she will always feel like my baby because my recovery after her birth was so much longer and her sister came as a surprise.  I’m not sure if that makes any sense, but that’s how I feel.

But, I don’t want to talk about all that right now.  I want to tell you about our wonderful joy, Imogen Annabelle.

This year she

  • moved into a new house and from a toddler bed to a big girl bed (the bottom of the bunk bed)
  • welcomed Miss Sarah as her caregiver and developed a sweet relationship with her.  And now in the past month she welcomed Miss Laurel.
  • transitioned so smoothly from diapers to big girl undies last summer
  • continued her love of water.  This usually results in nakedness because heaven forbid she wear clothes she’s gotten sopping wet while playing in the sink, with the hose, in a mud puddle, etc.
  • developed a love of dressing up – she is constantly wearing a Cinderella or Minnie Mouse dress and she loves picking out her outfit for church every Saturday night.  In fact, she just generally loves clothes.  She “ooohs” and “ahhhs” every time a package comes in the mail from a grandparent with pretty clothes in it for her.
  • became the disappearing child.  I don’t know how many times I would turn around for a second and she’d be gone.  This happened a lot at Ian’s preschool.  I developed my own reputation – the lady who can’t keep hold of her kid!  To her credit, she’s become much more obedient in this area in the last few months.
  • welcomed a new sibling.  This was much easier for her than it was for Ian, probably because she was already second in the pecking order.
  • is Daddy’s girl.  She’s got some competition now, but her and Jason really do have such a sweet relationship.
  • grew her hair out long. I think it’s really beautiful, especially the one big curl that frames her face. Of course it still gets crazy sometimes.
  • is cruising around on her skut bike like she’s going to be riding a two wheeler in no time!
  • solidified her reputation as the goofy one in the family.  She instigates the potty talk at the dinner table, makes funny noises and faces, and usually is the one to start any kind of silliness.  And once it catches on with her brother it’s like a freight train that’s unfortunately unstoppable.
  • developed her tactile obsession with hair.  I sit down on the couch and within minutes she’s sitting right next to me, running her hands through my hair.  She would do the same thing with Miss Sarah.  When she goes to bed at night she grabs a clump of her own hair and runs it through her fingers as she falls asleep.
  • affirmed to us that she’s definitely a snuggler, which her daddy loves.  If there’s an open lap, she’s in it.  Sometimes in the morning if she’s the first one up she crawls into bed next to Jason, which he never turns down!
  • became more photogenic.  Yes, she had an unfortunate phase where it was hard to get a good picture of her.  Now she smiles and poses and generally likes getting her picture taken.

Speaking of pictures, here’s some of the best photos of her third year, in chronological order.

Second birthday.

Fun at Grandma’s last summer.

Big girl bed.

Here’s some proof of that goofiness I was talking about.

Halloween with Bo Bo.

Beautiful in one of her holiday dresses.

Becoming a big sister.

More fun with Ian.  They really do love playing together.

Egg hunting.  She wasn’t interested so much in finding the eggs as in plopping down and eating as much candy as she could before someone stopped her.

Had to throw one in of the trio.

Happy Birthday, Immy!  You are a pleasure to us and we love you so, so much.

2 responses to “Imogen turns three

  1. This makes me SO happy to see. She truly is adorable! Happy Third Birthday!

  2. Hi Elisabeth,

    Scott Cummins, who knows you from SPU, suggested I drop you a line, so I’ve poked around a bit on your blog the past few days. Like you, I live in Seattle, am a writer, and suffered from postpartum depression, which I think is why Scott suggested I reach out to you. If you ever want to get together for coffee or tea, just drop me a line. If not, no worries; I know life is full! If you’d be willing send me your mailing address, I will send you a copy of my book (which deals in part with PPD)…unless we have coffee in the next month or so, in which case I’ll just bring it with me 🙂

    Kimberlee Conway Ireton

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