Beatrice Olive

On January 17th at 2:42 am we welcomed Beatrice Olive Haggard into our family.  She is a healthy little one, weighing 6 lbs 15 oz (the smallest of our three), and so darn cute.

Beatrice is an English name (keeping with the theme among our kiddo names) which means “bringer of joy.”

Olive was my grandmother’s name (Mother Teresa’s mom), who passed away about ten years ago.  The name is associated biblically with the olive branch, which is a sign of peace.

If you know any of our journey you’ll agree that the significance of these names is, well, significant for us.  And already through this pregnancy and Beatrice’s first week of life she has brought much joy and peace with her.

Beatrice and I are spending a lot of time nursing and snuggling and resting for now.  At night she is with Daddy, either sleeping next to him in the co-sleeper or tucked under his arm.

Ian and Imogen LOVE Beatrice.  Whenever they come back home from somewhere they run in the house to find her, wherever she is.  Ian keeps saying over and over “She’s sooo cute!”  They are adapting so well and I’m so glad they have each other through this time.

We have had wonderful help from Sarah and an outpouring of meals and offers for more help from friends from church and BSF.  I can’t say how much of a blessing these are to us as we adjust and move forward.

And of course, a birth story to come later.


One response to “Beatrice Olive

  1. I love that you used Olive for her middle name. I wanted to do the same when we were pregnant with Caroline I said I wanted to use Grandma Olive’s name as a middle name because Caroline is in honor of my parents being from South Carolina. Grandma Olive did not like her name because she was teased about it when she was young. My mom suggested Olivia and Olive loved that. So our daughters both have a middle names honoring the same woman. I was always amazed by her strength. She had such a difficult life but was able to continue to love her family. So glad to hear that you all are enjoying Beatrice so much.

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