Ian through his fifth year

I will have to say this year has been one of my favorite with Ian.  The last few years have been difficult for us all, but lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how I much I really enjoy my son.  He is blossoming in so many ways and it’s so fun to be a part of his life.

This year Ian:

  1. learned to ride his two-wheeler
  2. was baptized (which he did NOT like)
  3. went from Spiderman to Batman
  4. started going to preschool mid-year (and did so very well)
  5. got a terrible stomach flu while in New York visiting Jordan & Elysia (which he still talks about to this day)
  6. picked me A LOT of dandelions throughout the summer
  7. got the bunk bed he’s dreamed of
  8. has been able to truly play with his sister, now that she’s old enough to chase and be chased
  9. confirmed to me that his love language is quality time
  10. has been so empathetic when he sees me hurting (just this last week when I had the stomach flu he brought me my Juice Plus, a glass of club soda, and my bible because he says that’s what you need when you feel bad)
  11. found out he was having another sibling and was VERY excited upon finding out (and still is)
  12. developed a few new dance moves
  13. remained the best person in the house to find anything that’s lost
  14. had a several-month visit with Grandpa Bill & Grandma Becky and a month-long stay at Grandma T’s during the summer
  15. transitioned to his new house and new preschool very well
  16. started being more consistently and firmly disciplined (results following)
  17. went from more sullen and angry to a lot more cheerful and helpful
  18. adjusted well to having our new helper, Sarah, around to care for he and Imogen
  19. became more snuggly (yay!)
  20. blossomed into quite the artist and letter-writer
  21. continued his mad Lego-engineering skills
  22. made some new friends (though he swore he didn’t need them, he said liked his old ones just fine)
  23. had a two-night hospital visit for a nasty case of croup (he’s so stinkin’ cute and sweet when he’s sick)
  24. became very interested in space and animals, which he will tell you about at length, and in detail
  25. made his first fire in our fireplace
  26. remained incredibly photogenic (beware: you will be inundated below)

Fourth birthday party

First day of preschool in Seattle

Riding his two-wheeler

Spiderman phase

Zip-lining in the backyard

Mother’s Day Party at preschool

Riding the trailgator with Dad

End of first year of preschool (Feb-May)

4th of July Parade

First day of Pre-K in Shoreline (which wasn’t as bad as the picture implies)

Feeling crummy during his hospital stay

Batman at Halloween

Enjoying his birthday with us and Batman

Pre-K school photo


Sadly Ian came down with a stomach bug the night before his birthday party this year, but still enjoyed himself by celebrating with Grandpa Brad and Nana Linda–and a few birthday presents, too.

Thanks to everyone who has loved him so well this year, he has so many special people in his life, and for that we are thankful.

Ian is a great kid! We love him so much.  And I look forward to seeing more of God’s ways in his life in the coming year.


2 responses to “Ian through his fifth year

  1. Happy Birthday Buddy! We love you and think of you every day!
    Grandpa Brad

  2. What a wonderful thing to do for your son. He will so enjoy reading this someday.
    Nana Linda

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