Dinner at the Haggard’s

On this beautiful Sunday evening, the Haggards have just finished a fabulous dinner.  It was a Haggard staple, Quinoa Burgers.  We found this recipe a few months back and have tried a number of variations off of it.  Tonight’s version was unexpectedly the most exciting to date.

Trying to have a day of rest, we don’t plan a lot and the meals are usually simple affairs.  To keep things easier, this lazy afternoon has been a tag team of sorts.  Elisabeth made the quinoa mix and I did the cooking.

Everything was going fine until the last four burgers went into the pan.  As I was scraping out the bowl, I licked one of my fingers.  “Oh, that’s got some kick!”  I ask Elisabeth if she put any red pepper in the mix.  No, she says, I did put a little black pepper and some paprika from the little plastic bag in the cupboard.

Well, what we thought was paprika, turned out to be cayenne pepper.  1 1/2 tsp later and we have some fiery paddies.  In the end it was a blessing.  We didn’t know how many aliments cayenne pepper treats until we looked it up.

Here is to a few nights of heart healthy leftovers and bum-burning BMs.

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