Imogen’s 1st birthday party

Yes, I’m now getting around to posting about it . . . and what a shindig it was!  It has been a long time since I’ve put so much effort into a party.  I think the last time was probably when I was single.

But, as you know, Pinterest was getting to me and I needed to redeem at least a few of those wasted hours I spent learning how to do things like turn a dresser into a dollhouse or restore the inside of my oven to its original state (things which I am highly unlikely to ever do in real life).

But, in real life I did throw a beautiful party, and the inspiration that Pinterest exudes was one of the motivating factors.  That bundled with my friend Blythe’s amazing hospitality at my own birthday party and an increasing amount of physical energy (yay!).

For the sake of brevity, here are details from the party.

1. It would not have been possible without my in-laws.  They were visiting the week before and they did lots of prep work and cleaning, which was incredibly helpful. (Sorry, no picture of these wonderful people who I am thankful to call family.)

3. Aside from the food, everything I used for decorations I already had or was able to borrow from generous people (except a spool of ribbon that I think cost me maybe a buck).  The flowers came from a friend and a neighbor’s yard.  I love when God provides in these little sort of things.

2. Jason did the dessert, of course.  Again, he happily accepted my challenge – a strawberry ice cream cake.  He insisted on making the ice cream himself.

We did learn that we should’ve chilled the cake a lot longer.  We are newbies to the world of ice cream cake.  When we cut into it the ice cream was still soft and so it all sort of fell apart.  But it was still delicious!

4. Speaking of food, we kept it simple.  There was no way I could’ve pulled off all those decorations AND a whole bunch of amazing food.  Plus, we were trying to keep it cost-effective.  We had veggies and onion dip, rosemary popcorn, a cheese and fresh bread spread, and a bit of fruit.

I made a basil citrus cooler to drink (from a recent issue of Every Day Food – and honestly, it wasn’t very good, though it looked pretty).

5. And of course, the birthday girl!  She’s so cute.  Of course, she didn’t care at all about the party.  But, she was nice enough to keep her tiara on for a few seconds to take a picture.

Here’s her picking at her first slice of cake.  Turns out she doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth; I don’t think the chef was too offended.

Here she is hangin’ out and havin’ fun.

And opening presents.

We had great fun.  Thanks to our small group of friends who came and celebrated Imogen with us.

And I just want to point out again that I won’t be doing this again for a while.  It wore me out – even with all the amazing help!  I say this particularly so that all those other tired moms out there who can barely keep clean socks in the drawer or the toilet bowl clean (believe me, I FEEL you) won’t think this is typical of this non-supermom.

Soon I’ll write an update on how our sweet birthday girl is growing up and becoming more cute and amazing as she enters into her second year of life.

2 responses to “Imogen’s 1st birthday party

  1. Lisa, hi its Erin. I just got a smart phone with internet so I am with the times now. I thought I should check out your blog and actually communicate with ya. I have been thinking about u and how u are feeling. So glad to hear u are feeling more yourself these days. Ah motherhood and what it does to us. Take care. Love ya Lisa.

  2. Thanks for adding that part at the end… 🙂

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