30th birthday celebration

June has been the month of parties.  And of course we have good reason to celebrate with two Haggard birthdays five days apart in the first part of June.

The party for Imogen was sort of inevitable, but even I was surprised I was thinking about having a party for my birthday, being the introvert I am and how the last year has gone.  The thought of organizing anything seemed a bit daunting back in April when I was thinking about it.  But it’s the big 3-0; I felt like I had to do something memorable.

Around that time I was talking with some friends about all this and my hostess-with-the-mostess friend, Blythe, piped right up and said “I’ll throw a party for you!”

I thought about it for a while and then settled on it.  I will admit, Pinterest had something to do with it.  Yes, it can take over your life, but dang it has good ideas. It just makes you want to have a party (or two, in my case).

I will say that Blythe is really good at throwing parties.  She talked with me about the party beforehand and we landed on a small evening event, just ladies, with mango mojitos and Mexican appetizers.

Once that was settled I went to, you guessed it, Pinterest for some ideas to throw Jason’s way, since without his consent I had volunteered him to do some of the cooking (he did happily accept the challenge when notified).

The menu included chicken flautas with avocado cream sauce, shrimp ceviche, a smorgasboard of chips and various dips, and dessert (I’ll get to that later).  And of course, the mango mojitos.

As the date of the party approached, I was really looking forward to seeing how Blythe was going to set-up and decorate.  Her hospitality seems fancy and luxurious to me, without feeling stuffy at all.

But I really wasn’t expecting the surprise in store for me at this party–there was a theme and it was called “30 Things We Love About Elisabeth at 30.”

Blythe had collected feedback from ladies at our church on what they appreciated about me and had a graphic designer put together a beautiful collage.  She had it printed on large pieces of paper which served as the tablecloths and gave me a smaller framed version of it to have as a keepsake.

I was a bit overwhelmed when Blythe explained the whole theme to me.  Kind of like I was overwhelmed when she volunteered to throw me a party in the first place.  I am in shock that God has given me such thoughtful, talented, caring, sacrificial friends.  People that love me – many people of whom I didn’t even know just a few short years ago.

The rest of the night entailed chatting, eating, drinking, opening presents, a few rounds of catchphrase, some prayer and more chatting.  It was a great night.  Sometimes I get stressed during parties, wanting to make sure that everyone is mingling and feeling included.  I really didn’t worry at all during this party, it all flowed so smoothly.

And of course there was the birthday dessert – chocolate flourless cake a la Jason, with whip cream and raspberries (pictured on the back of the table below).  Because nothing Jason makes can be simple or unsophisticated, this dessert was made with Belgian chocolate and French butter (yes, I also didn’t know French butter existed, but I suppose if anybody should have a butter named after them it should be the French).

I will say there was one really sad moment to the night (besides my pre-party meltdown, but that is typical for me and was alleviated by an SOS phone call to my good friend, Jessica (who reminded me of reality) and of course some food).

Anyway, my other sad moment was when I got out my camera to take pictures of all the beautiful-ness at the party and the battery was dead!  I am still greatly annoyed about that.  Thankfully, Blythe also served as an impromptu photographer so you can get a good sense of the whole affair.  I just wish I would’ve thought to have a group photo taken.

Thanks again to Blythe who blessed my socks off with all her party-throwing skills, and my friends and of course my husband the chef.  You all made this so fun and meaningful for me.

And I thank God for 30 years of life.  I wish I had something profound to say about my past or my future at this particular juncture, but I don’t.

On a more superficial note I will say that I hope the next 30 include more fun parties likes this and more of Jason’s desserts.

Next up, Imogen’s 1st birthday. 🙂


One response to “30th birthday celebration

  1. Wow, that sounds amazing! Happy much belated birthday, btw! 🙂

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