Jason’s amazing garden

Yes, I’m going to brag.  But, it’s on Jason’s behalf.

Look at that watering wand; this guy means business.

As you may know from this blog and from facebook, Jason puts a lot of effort into the yard.  You know, cutting things down, pulling weeds, killing those wretched blackberry bushes (his personal opinion, not mine).

But this year, sort of on happenstance, Jason’s put his heart into the gardens. I say it in the plural because he added an extra box and his hedge of raspberry plants has come up nice and bushy this year.

I’m not sure why he’s become so dedicated, since we’ve had such lackluster results in the past.  I think it’s some kind of divine intervention.  Especially because he’s extra zealous about the tomato plants he’s got going and in the past he’s the one who has tried to convince me not to grow (or rather, kill by slow painful, very dry death) tomatoes.

I just know the garden this year is going to be spectacular.  I can feel it.  Also, I can see it–Jason’s out there every day tending to things.  It turns out gardens need that sort of thing.  I guess I was too busy having a baby last year to get to that (why I planted a garden in the first place, I do not know.  Chalk it up to being a crazy pregnant lady).  As for the years before that, I have no good explanation for my failure.

I guess you could say the ongoing factor in piddly Haggard gardens of the past is, well, ME. Good thing I’m not in the equation this year.  Maybe that was all the divine intervention Jason needed.

Anyway, here’s a lovely pictorial of all of Jason’s hard work.  You will see from the last picture, it’s starting to pay off!

Basil, parsley and cilantro starts in the back row; little carrot sprouts coming up in the front row.

Sadly, I totally forgot to take pictures of the prized tomato plants!  I suppose that will have to wait until they are dripping with juicy, ripe fruit.

And of course, who would you guess ate the first strawberry of the season??

A few more pictures are here.

One response to “Jason’s amazing garden

  1. Beautiful lettuce and strawberries! What a great colorful picture of Ian.

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