Don’t do this often, but I am procrastinating.

So this is Jason.  Yes, I am still a part of this blog, though no one would know it.

Anyway, I am sitting at the desk and should be studying my Account 131 book.  But it is beautiful outside and I figured I was due for a break.  Heck, I had been at it for at least 30 minutes.  About outside.  Well, it is snowing.  Lots.  Well, not Minnesota lots, but definitely Seattle lots.  Heck, I just saw some neighbors snowshoeing on the sidewalk out in front of the house.

The snow is beautiful and relaxing.

(If you are asking why I am studying Account 131, then we haven’t been in touch recently because lots has changed in the Haggard House.  I will try and post about that at a later date.  Today, I just intended on this short love note.)

That is all I have, but not to be outdone in the blogging world, here is a picture of what I am looking at.




2 responses to “Don’t do this often, but I am procrastinating.

  1. I love snow…..

  2. The snow looks awesome!! We should get together one of these days.

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