Revelations on vacation

We are on our way to the sunshine island of Oahu.  In fact, we are currently sitting in the Bellingham airport waiting for our second plane.

Jason has, of course, befriended someone.  He’s an older gentlemen and they are swapping military stories.   Ian is taking advantage of all the racing spaces in this empty place for his cars and trains.  And Imogen is sleeping in the stroller (yes!).

And, as you can tell, I am taking advantage of the free wi-fi.

But back to the trip at hand.  As many of you know we’ve been anticipating it for a year now.  Which means I’ve had A LOT of time to imagine it.  Sometimes it is a pleasant dream.  And sometimes it’s a total nightmare.

But recently I have made some personal revelations, which I’d like to share.  This mainly for my own sake.  So, here goes.

This trip is NOT about:

  • Me FINALLY getting the vacation I deserve.  This is a lie.  Repeat, THIS IS A LIE.
  • Me (or my family) remaining rested and healthy.  If both of these things happen that will be wonderful, but I’m not going to hold my breath.  We are going to roll with the punches (figuratively speaking.  I really hope no one is punching anyone during this trip).
  • Me looking all tan and svelte on the beach.  Thankfully, I’ve got two cute kids to show for the battle scars my body has accrued over the last few years, so I’ve decided I’m okay with how I look.  Plus, my husband still thinks I’m hot.
  • ME, ME, ME (you can see a theme developing here).

This trip IS about:

  • God’s pure generosity.
  • Connecting with my husband.  A few days ago we decided that most mornings we’re going to try to get up and walk the beach together (thanks in advance, Mom, for the childcare).
  • Playing and exploring with my kids.  They will get to do big things like ride in an airplane, build sand castles, and stand in awe of the ocean.  What a privilege to get to be there with them!
  • Supporting and encouraging our friends, the Franci, who really need love right now.
  • Christmas!  I am trying not to forget this, even though we’re not at home this year.

Wish us luck.  Or rather, may the grace of God (and the prayers of many kind friends) be with us!

2 responses to “Revelations on vacation

  1. Hope you guys are enjoying!!

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