Four years

Today is Jason & I’s four-year anniversary.  If only we looked as young and spritely as we did in this photo.

But the good news is that I think we are happier together than we were the day we got married.  I will take that over no wrinkles and sags.

Some of my favorite moments/observations from the last year include:

  • Laying in bed at night talking about what we think will happen in the next episode of Downton Abbey
  • All the amazing things Jason made: french silk pie, ice cream galore, oreo cheesecake with a chocolate drizzle, grilled pizza, etc.
  • When Jason asked me if I got tired of hearing him call me “Beautiful.”  I was like, UM NO!
  • How most every weekday at the dinner table he asks me “So, what did you do today?” I tell him everything we did from when we woke up until he came home and he’s always sincerely interested.
  • Our overnight getaway in downtown Seattle
  • When Jason popped up in bed with a smile on his face when I told him my water had broken.
  • My orange Crush
  • My husband likes do to dishes and clean the kitchen; he finds it relaxing.  I can handle that.  In fact, I can thank God for that.
  • In turn, Jason doesn’t care if the rest of the house is dirty, so I need to let it go and put it down farther on the priority list.
  • We’re fighting less (and when we fight we fight more fairly), even though this season leaves us more tired and worn out that we’ve ever been.
  • I’m able to finally recognize that some of my habits border on ridiculous and superfluous.
  • When we sat down and Jason told me all about his day on Oahu.
  • Putting the kids down, cooking dinner, and watching the PBS National Parks series (it took us over a year to finish all six discs).
  • After many long discussions, we’ve settled on the fact that we have very different expectations for vacation.  I hope all these talks bode well in our planning of our first big trip since our honeymoon.
  • When, at the dinner table, I was about to shred cheese over his salad and Jason said “I like my cheese shredded long.”  I rolled my eyes because if Jason obsesses about anything, it’s food.
  • The many times he’s told me I’m a good mom when I feel like a crappy mom.
  • How Jason raves about my bread making skills not because I make bread better than he does but because he knows I’m so proud of myself that I can actually make it.
  • Our attempts to garden together again yet another year, though I wish we had been more successful.
  • We have to have date nights out and reconnect over food (and not food we’ve cooked).  It’s not optional.  We learned this when we tried to go without while saving up for Hawaii.

The serious side of Jason

Sadly I don’t have any photos taken of us together this year.  I guess that will be a goal for next year.

5 responses to “Four years

  1. cute! fun to read. congratulations you two.

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  3. I love reading your blog!! We all would like our husbands to be like Jason, I know, you are only telling the good parts.

  4. congratulations you two!!

  5. I keep looking, I think this is the first time you did not post a blog for a month. But the month is not over yet.

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