Imogen at three months

Last Sunday was Imogen’s three-month birthday.  I have really enjoyed being mom to this darling little girl.

For the sake of actually getting this blog finished, here’s some bulleted facts about her:

  • She’s had many visitors, including all her grandparents in the first month of her life.  That was thousands of airline miles folks–just because she’s so cute and special.
  • She loves talking with people.  I’m wondering if it’s a girl thing.  In those moments when I can sit down and give her my full attention or when I’m changing her diaper, I’ll talk to her and she’ll coo back a response.  We’ll go back and forth like that until I must move on to helping her brother or keeping the house from crumbling down.
  • She’s starting to develop some people preference.  When we visited Grandma’s and I would go out for a bike ride or to run an errand I would come home and she’d be inconsolable.  Sometimes it would happen if I was only leaving the room.  Once I fed her she would calm down.  So maybe she just has a boob preference.
  • She’s sleeping pretty well–anywhere from a four to eight-hour chunk a night, and then in two to three-hour chunks following.  Oh how I wish I could sleep with her until 9am, which is her final morning wakeup time.  But alas, Ian gets on with his day sooner (there are trains and cars to play with people!)
  • She’s a great nurser, which I am very thankful for.  But, I think for that reason she’s forgotten how to take a bottle or pacifier.  But we’re getting there.
  • She goes with the flow.  I don’t know if this is her personality or being the second child or both.  Sometimes I forget about her, but she’s usually sitting quietly just taking in all the action.
  • She looks like Jason.  She’s got brown eyes and his darker skin tone. At the same time, I think she has a very feminine look about her.
  • She’s growing more and more comfortable sleeping in her crib for naps and doesn’t do so well napping when we are out and about. I am learning to be more cognizant of this and not keeping our schedule as busy as it has been.
  • We’ve had some interesting health scares (I know using the word “scare” is an exaggeration, but they’ve felt like scares to me).  First we recognized that one of her eyes dilates larger than the other. Turns out this is odd, but not something to be concerned about. Second, she had some really weird poops and pees that I still don’t know what to do with.  Third, her head has become rather misshapen.  She’s started cranial sacral therapy and the doctor things it won’t take long for it to round out.
  • She is doing really well with her brother.  She even gives him smiles as he lovingly clobbers her and gives her kisses.
Imogen’s firsts so far have been:
  • Camping trip.  She did amazingly well, observing or sleeping through much of the noise and activity.  With this trip, she visited the ocean (well, the Sound) for the first time.
  • Long car ride and trip to Grandma’s. I think we only had one crying spell in the combined 12 hours of travel time (not including Ian). And she tolerated the times we three had to cram into a bathroom stall so Ian and I could go potty.
  • First dip in the lake.  It was just her feet, but she did NOT like it.  Just to make sure, Jason dipped her feet in again (which I thought was a little mean on his part!)
  • First summer.  Obviously, with all that lake and ocean exposure!  But really, we have had some summer around here lately and she’s been able to enjoy it.
  • First ride on a park swing.
  • I’m sure there are more firsts, but I can’t remember them because I’m tired.
What I’m learning by being Imogen’s mom:
  • That I’m not as uptight about things as I was when Ian was this age. Improvement!
  • That I need to stop what I’m doing and give Imogen snuggles and listen to her chats because I won’t get this time back.
  • That she will turn out great even if I forget about her sometimes because I know a lot of people who are second children and they are way more than okay.  
  • That I want to make an effort to pass certain things down to Imogen–things like jewelry, recipes, and fashion sense (what little I have left).  I know there are much bigger and non-materialistic things I can give her, and I certainly hope to, but these are what I’ve been thinking about lately.
  • To take my worries about her health to God.  This seems to be a running theme, ever since the first trimester of the pregnancy.  I’m getting better at it, at least I think.  I’ve learned not to Google weird symptoms right after I notice them OR if I’m really, really tired.  So instead I call Jason just so I can tell someone and then I pray. On a related note, I am more and more thankful for all the health care we have received. I’m also grateful for the many nurses and doctors I know who are smart, loving, and have listened to my concerns.
And now, of course, pictures of a growing Imogen, because they are worth more than any of my words.

1st month

2nd month

3rd month

2 responses to “Imogen at three months

  1. Such an exciting time for you guys!

  2. She’s a beauty! Hope she and Neri can meet soon :). (6 mo). I too am remembering to cherish the snuggles and coos with my little one.

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