What we did in April

February and March were pretty dreary for us (me), as you know, but in April things started to improve.

First, I went in for a check-up with our midwife and when I told her about how tired I was feeling, she suggested I try to eat more consistently, specifically more protein.  When I measured small at the end of the appointment, she was even more sure this was why I was feeling so tired.

She was right.  It’s amazing what keeping fuel in a pregnant woman on a regular basis will do for the energy levels (and mood)!  Although I cringed in the Costco line when the total came up, it was worth it.  And I was thankful that it was not my thyroid that was giving me troubles; my labs came back looking great.

With my improving energy levels, I felt like what we had on the calendar for the month (and even some spontaneous things that came up) were much more doable.

You already know about our yard drama, so I won’t go into that further.  Except I will say that some teeny little seedlings are coming up now.  I was getting worried, but my hopes are up again.

The first weekend in April we headed to Whidbey Island so I could take a little photography class from Kim Nelson.  I was her only student, which was very nice.  She gave me some helpful tips, and I spent some time messing around with the camera on the beaches of Langley (and everywhere else I’ve been this month).

As a result, I have taken a TON of photos lately (not many of which I am all that impressed with).  But, the grandparents will eat it up, right?  In the hopes this doesn’t deter you from the rest of this post, here are the April photos.

In other news, Jason did the Bellevue 10k and Ian did his first kid’s dash on April 17th.  I mentioned this previously, as we were all excited about it, especially Ian’s race.  Jason was feeling lackluster about his upcoming performance, but Ian was getting more and more pumped.

Jason ended up having a great race.  He felt better than he expected–less out of shape than he thought he would.

Sadly, the kid’s dash was a disappointment.  The warm-up activities were a bit too long for Ian. When we were just about to leave, a race official showed up and they decided to get the race going, so we stuck around. Ian got back into it at that point and was excited as he got with the other kids at the starting line.

Ian is in the red shirt on the left.

The race began and Ian was off with the rest of the kids but he only got about 100 feet down the course and the Seahawks marching band started up.  It was meant to be a morale booster for the kids, but Ian burst into tears because he hates loud noises.  When we reached the finish line Ian got his ribbon, but as you can see, he was not all that excited about it.

On a hopeful note, he still talks about racing, so I think there are more running events in his future 🙂

What has been way more fun for Ian has been the numerous visits to the Museum of Flight that we’ve taken this month.  Our membership was soon to expire so we took advantage.

None other than Chuck Yaeger himself

We celebrated Easter with Mom again this year.  Of course it is an exciting time because it means the resurrection of Jesus, which we’ve been talking to Ian about. He now enthusiastically says “He’s risen indeed!”

But it was also exciting because Grandma T brought Ian his very own Lightning McQueen swim outfit.  For the last couple months every time we go to Costco he asks us to go straight to the kid’s clothing so he can look at these beauties.  He hasn’t asked to buy them, he just wants to look.

And now he has his very own, modeled for you below.

Included in Mom’s visit was a shopping trip to IKEA and TJ Maxx and a sunny Saturday spent at Discovery Park (Ian can fly a kite all by himself!). We also made Easter cupcakes (which turned out to be a bomb, except for the delicious marshmallow frosting, which I would’ve eaten all by itself).  And, we had a nice Easter brunch out.

One of the great blessings of having Mom here was that Jason and I did a little getaway that Sunday afternoon and stayed downtown for the night.  After the pregnant lady had a bawlfest because she was tired from an already-packed weekend and was predicting what she thought would end up being a disastrous attempt at romance, we headed to the Westin and had a wonderful time.

We spontaneously stopped in at a Sushi restaurant (totally not like us), then hung out in the hot tub, and enjoyed the drama of Will & Kate’s romance on an in-room flat-screen TV (I wasn’t the only one enthralled).  We slept in and got up in the morning to head to the Dahlia Bakery for overpriced hot donuts with rhubarb jam & mascarpone (I will definitely try this combo at home!).  AND, I didn’t hyperventilate–not even once–at the amount of money we spent.  For that reason alone it was a total success!

After we came back to reality and Mom left for home there was a flurry of housecleaning.  Then Grandpa Brad & Linda came for a visit.  We did another trip to the Museum of Flight and a nice walk around the Arboretum.

And, we finally made it to Delancey (Jason’s been waiting so long).  It ended as all good things should–with Molly Moon’s.  I thought I would regret passing up the salted caramel for salt licorice, but let me tell you,  it was ohh soo worth it.

Sitting here thinking about it all, it’s no reason my belly has grown 5 cms in the last month.  I’m reminded that I ate a lot of good food.  (Thank you to the family members who funded much of our eating out.)  I’m also exhausted thinking about all the things we did in between that eating.

May looks to be as much, if not more busy, what with an upcoming baby shower and college reunions for both Jason & I.  I’m excited for it all, but am also looking forward to a few weeks of solitude and nesting in June before Baby Girl arrives.


2 responses to “What we did in April

  1. Glad you’ve had some great “up’s” lately! 🙂

  2. When I need to smile, I just look at Ian smiling!

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