Someone has a crush on me

Someone in our house considers Valentine’s Day to be a superficial holiday.  Someone else in our house loves it, mainly because it’s sentimental and involves lots of candy and maybe even a gift (I guess that sort of confirms that the former person is right . . . oh well . . . the latter person doesn’t care).

If you’ve read this blog before, I’ve said who is who before, but even if you haven’t, you may be able to guess by the following story.

Jason & I agreed this year that we would not buy each other gifts for birthdays or holidays.  Instead, we would take the money and put it towards our Hawaiian vacation next Christmas with the Franci, which we are saving all year for (I’m SO excited!).

So neither of us had any expectations about Valentine’s Day.  But last week I playfully said “I wonder if anyone will send me a Crush in class on Valentine’s Day.”

He didn’t know what I was talking about.  And I said “What?!  It’s one of the best things about Valentine’s Day!  In high school, if someone had a crush on you they could send you an orange Crush and it would be delivered to you in class.  It could be anonymous or not.  But it was exciting either way!”

Then I told him that I had received a Crush once.  I think I got an eyebrow raise on that one.  🙂

Yesterday morning Jason facemailed me to tell me he had been tempted to buy me a gift but instead he was going to take me on a special Hawaiian date.   Let me tell you, that is totally fine with me.  I made myself some pink sugar cookies and those would hold me over for the next 10 months.

But, of course, when he got home Jason had something for me:

This is WAY bigger than the Crushes you got in high school.  They were only your typical 12-oz can.  And Jason said he had to go to three gas stations to find it and paid an overpriced $3 on it.

Yes, someone has a crush on me.  And you, folks, are the class I’m sitting in when I got my special Crush!

Now that I’ve written this and watched the video again, it’s hard to tell who really thinks Valentine’s Day is superficial.  I think I’m wearing away at Jason’s cynicism, one Hallmark holiday at a time.  😉

Did I get Jason anything?  Yes, I did.  I was at IKEA yesterday and spontaneously bought him a $6 scale.  I figure it’s only offensive if a man gives a woman a scale.  Plus, he’s been asking for one. He was pleased with it and proudly told me he weighs less this winter than he did last (while also flexing with his shirt off).

Such is married life.  It’s so much better than dating!


3 responses to “Someone has a crush on me

  1. oh how i love you two. but like sugar and spice, you’re even better together 🙂

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