Movin’ to the country . . .

gonna eat a lot of peaches.  Or rather, pumpkins and corn and apples and squash because that’s what we’ve got in Seattle right now.

But really, I have been thinking a lot lately about moving to country.  I think it’s a combination of

  • the fact that it’s truly fall here in Seattle now
  • I’ve been doing all this organic research and thinking about where our food comes from (why not grow/raise it myself on my own farm?)
  • Spending time out in a beautiful state park in Enumclaw last weekend for Jason’s half-ironman (more on that, I promise)
  • Feeling like the world is going to hell in a hand basket and maybe, just maybe, us city folk can escape to the country and start a new life . . .

All this being said, it was perfect timing for us to go out to Snohomish to the pumpkin patch this weekend.

First, I must stand corrected.  The Farm at Swan’s Trail was no pumpkin patch, folks.   This was a pumpkin patch PLUS lots of farm animals, kittens, a corn maze, orchard, big red barn, tractor hay rides, playground, food, etc. You know me, even if I wasn’t into being a farmer right now, if there are large furry animals and kittens there, I’M SOLD.

While we were there I started dreaming of opening a bed and breakfast on a little farm some day, raising mini-cattle, picking my own apples, sitting on my wraparound porch drinking a pumpkin spice latte, letting Lizzie run free . . . you get the idea.

Doesn’t it sound wonderful?

It is just a dream at the moment.  But we still had a ton of fun on Saturday!

(There’s a video at the end of the photos.)

View the rest of our photos.

Thanks, Jessica, for suggesting this great adventure!


3 responses to “Movin’ to the country . . .

  1. grandma Haggard

    I love the video!! Looks like you guys were having a great time. We will come live on the farm. I loved it when I was a kid.

  2. I think we will get along. I’m obsessed with fall and most holidays…..I’m also from the country where all these things happen.

    PS–pumpkin spice coffees are the best.

  3. 1) Adorable kids!
    2) The picture you painted sounds ideal.
    3) Now I want a pumpkin-flavored beverage.

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