An un-haggard end to summer

What have the Haggards been doing for the last month?  We haven’t been too haggard (ha ha).  Here’s some news on Ian and otherwise.

Ian had his own personal Shawshank Redemption moment last weekend. But, it kind of backfired on him . . . It started when he managed to crawl out of his crib during nap time. In his attempt to get the door open he locked himself in. Unfortunately the door handle had a key lock so we couldn’t pick it.

Jason put a ladder (a very unsteady one I might add) up to his bedroom window and tried to explain to him how to open it.  I am thankful Ian could not figure it out.  It’s one thing to have a toddler, it’s another thing to have a toddler that can open second-story windows.  We ended up calling a locksmith.

Ian’s in a big-boy bed–for obvious reasons.  The transition has gone very well.  So far he stays in his bed when it’s time to sleep and does not get out until we come in to get him.  He thinks his bed is very cool.  I think it’s very cute.

Jason is getting ready for the Black Diamond Half-Ironman. September 24th–less than two weeks to go.  He’s been very diligent about getting his workouts in, even after a long day of work.  On Labor Day he biked 92 miles, part of the way in the pouring rain.  We met him halfway through to provide snacks and he showed me his soaking wet socks.  I almost cried for him.  I hate having cold feet, but he was not even close to traumatized.

He says he doesn’t feel ready for the race, but I think he’s going to do great.   If anyone in Seattle is interested, we would love to see you out in Enumclaw to cheer Jason on!

I’ve got energy! After the miscarriage I felt like I didn’t have to sleep an extra five hours a day.  And when I looked around and saw just how dirty my house was and how unorganized things seemed, I went at it.  My house is much cleaner, and I’ve gotten some projects done.  Our fall schedule is getting busier, but I think I can actually handle it.

We’re eating (drinking?) a lot of smoothies. It’s our new breakfast thing, thanks to Alyssa.  Ian loves them because he thinks the blender is really cool and the smoothies are sweeter than cheesy eggs and toast, which he usually gets.  I love them because I put spinach and carrots in his smoothie and he doesn’t mind.  Jason loves them because when he makes them he gets to use his Magic Bullet.

Bible Study Fellowship. Ian & I are back to school.  Well, I guess I am, and Ian is just beginning.  We started our BSF class on Tuesday mornings.  Ian has his own toddler class where he’s learning about the book of Isaiah, just like I am.  I am very impressed with the curriculum they have for kids and I am already enjoying my own study, just a couple days in.

Ian is talking up a storm. Most of what he says is in his own personal language (which also includes growls), but he’s been adding more English into his vocabulary, too.  Some of his new words are walk, big truck (sounds like bee-tah), bike, bus, bite (as in “I want a bite of whatever you’re eating”) and Bible (sounds like bah-tee).  He’s into the Bs.

Big trucks and Daddy. These are Ian’s two favorite topics as of late.  He talks about them constantly, particularly on Mondays.  It’s the first day after a weekend with Jason AND not one, but two, big trucks (garbage and recycling or yard waste) come by our house.  I spend a lot of time explaining that Daddy went back to work and trying to be as excited about “bee-tahs” as Ian is.

Toddler school. This is what we call Ian’s play group, though it’s really nothing like school at all yet.  Now we’re kicking it up a notch by visiting a local museum one week every month and doing a creative movement class another week of the month, taught by Jessica.  I’m sure I’ll have some interesting photos or videos to share in the coming months.

Winter garden or deep-freezing? That has been my question.  I picked my gardening neighbor’s brain about doing a fall/winter garden and she suggested we build a cloche.  That got me very excited about having our own produce all year round.  But getting a deep freezer to freeze all the meals I’ve been making with my new-found energy also excites me.  For budgetary reasons, I had to choose.

I have heard our winter here is going to be very cold and snowy and I fear anything I might attempt to grow will die.  In order to save my very fragile gardening ego (this summer’s garden did NOT go well), I’ve decided to go with the deep freezer.  I’m going to amend our soil with compost and plant a cover crop now for through the winter (don’t I sound like I know what I’m talking about?!).  Maybe we’ll try to do the cloche next spring.

That’s about it.  I promise I won’t take so long to blog again.

Our SLR camera broke and I haven’t been taking many photos with our little Canon.  Enjoy what’s there!


3 responses to “An un-haggard end to summer

  1. Elisabeth,
    Great post 🙂 It was good to hear that things are going well for you and your family. Love the pics of Ian, he’s a cutie. Hopefully one day we can meet him face to face…and you too!
    Julie, Jason’s cousin
    P.S. I liked the deep freezer choice…I have one too…and use it all the time!

  2. I see Ian is using Jason’s pillow case. That pillow case is an antique. 30 years old. Jason’s Uncle Jim designed it and drew it, I think.

  3. Is Ian like 10 already or has it been way too long since I saw you guys!!

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