18 months

Look at this kid.  He’s so good lookin.’

You’ll notice from these photos that he doesn’t look like a baby anymore–he’s a little boy.  They say these sort of things happen, but I’m not sure how it did.

Here are some things Ian likes to do right now:

  • Run, jump & climb.  On the couch, coffee table, bed, stairs, boxes, chairs, etc.
  • Practice walking on the balance beam at the park
  • Get up close and say hi to dogs he sees (but he’s not yet ready to actually pet them).  He’s not so shy with cats.
  • Say “bye bye”.  We say bye bye to everything these days.  Even when we’re not actually going bye bye.
  • Watch all the kids at the playground.  A school down the street uses our neighborhood park as their playground.  When several classes show up and take over, all the action fascinates him.  He eventually will join in and find one or more big boys and do what they’re doing.  The other day it was all I could do to keep him from joining in on a soccer practice that was happening in the field next to the playground.
  • Play with his dump truck.  He even makes the “vroom vroom” noises, it’s very cute.
  • Practice going up on and down the stairs on his feet.  He can come down the bottom step all by himself but needs help with the rest.
  • Singing and dancing.  He loves music.  He’s got some great moves and I think, a beautiful voice.
  • Help Mom with chores.  He loves sweeping, vacuuming and helping me carry grocery bags.  He loves it when I tell him he’s very strong.  He also helps make bread by pouring the measuring cups full of flour in the bowl for me.
  • Use his monster voice, which sounds like a low growl.
  • Touch the computer and throw his food off his tray.  These are two things he’s NOT allowed to do.
  • Wrestle with and get chased by his dad.  He also loves it when Jason throws him on the bed.
  • Water the plants in our pots and garden.  He knows to go over to his kiddie pool and fill his watering can up.
  • Figure out how things work.  He’s just like his dad in this way–studying things, pulling them apart (if he can), seeing how they move, etc.
  • Read books.  Yes, we can now sit still enough to do these sort of things.  He has several favorites including Mummy’s Little Bush Babies, Goodnight Moon, I am a Bunny, I am a Kitten, Goodnight, Gorilla, and Jesus Storybook Bible.
  • Sleep.  He’s now taking 3 to 4 hour naps in the afternoon.  Jason says sleep is his superpower.
  • Swing.  Sometimes that’s the only thing he wants to do at the park.
  • Give his mom kisses & hugs.  I love, love, love this.
  • Play with his friends.  Here’s a couple photos of them in action:

It’s amazing to me how much Ian understands now.  I can give him simple directions to go find a specific item or get his shoes or coat and he knows exactly what to do.  He’s not very verbal yet, though.  His vocab includes hi, Daddy, Momma, Lizzie, kitty, all gone (which sounds like ahh gaw), bath, and bye bye.

Besides going to the park regularly, we’re also getting out on family bike rides when the weather is nice.  Ian didn’t like riding in the trailer and wearing his helmet initially, but now he tolerates it.  I was even surprised one day when Jason rode off on his bike and Ian, who was watching from the window, ran over to the bike trailer, got in and tried to put his helmet on.  He wanted to go, too!

Here’s a photo of the Haggard men on one of our rides.  We stopped at Gasworks on the way home for an evening picnic.

There are so many things I hope and desire for Ian, it overwhelms me at times.  I am reading The Power of a Praying Parent right now and it’s helping me to help put all these thoughts into prayers.

One of the things that routinely comes to mind is Ian’s strength.  He has always been very strong.  He could hold his head up and stand with help on the day he was born.  The other day I saw him lift a 12 pack of soda by himself.  My prayer is that he would use his strength for good–to protect and take care of others.  As a big brother, as a Haggard man, as a man of God.

Here’s a few photos to leave you with.  The first is of Ian & I on Mother’s Day.  I’m the one usually taking the photos, so it’s rare to get one of the two of us.

And here are a couple comparison photos.  The first was taken at about eight months and the second just a few weeks ago, both at the Gorge.

Enjoy our photos from May and June.


One response to “18 months

  1. Grandma Haggard

    I can’t believe how he has grown up in just 2 and 1/2 months. You are right he looks like a little boy now. No more baby.

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