Yes, I am really doing this triathlon

You haven’t heard a peep from me about doing a triathlon in a while, but I can assure you I’ve been checking off each workout, day by day, for the last five weeks.

Here’s a photo to prove I mean business.


[I’m not doing anything exciting here, just driving around a parking lot so Jason could take a picture of me riding my bike.] 

I’m now relatively back in shape.  I feel a bit relieved to say that because it didn’t come so naturally this time.  I spent about three weeks doing pre-training, trying to exercise 2-3x a week. 

I emphasize the trying part.  Because man, did I feel out of shape.  And unmotivated.  Note to self: Get off your butt during the winter.

Meanwhile, I was also coming up with a triathlon plan. This is essential for me because I am a process person.  I want to know how I’m going to get where I’m going.  Especially when I’m doing something I’ve never done before.

Thanks to Excel, a training book I ordered, and my in-house triathlon expert (Jason), I have a 14-week plan stuck to my fridge.

I had to switch out the swims, move things around to fit our family schedule, and I wanted to give myself an extra rest day.  Jason offered helpful suggestions and I am adjusting things as I go along.

I also bought new running shoes. Goodbye Kayano 15s.  We went a long way together and you served me well, but you’ve now been exiled to the basement as yard shoes. 

I think it was about time.  The first time I put on my new shoes I felt like I was running on tempur-pedic pillows.  It was fabulous. 

In pre-training I also came up with the idea to make some healthy workout snacks. Becky has told me before that when her kids were young she was the queen of healthy snacks.  So when she was visiting in April I turned to her for consulting help.  

We pulled out our barely used food dehydrator and went to work.  I was surprised at how easy the process was (the infommerical wasn’t lying).  You just cut up fruit, put it in there, and turn it on.  And then wait, of course. 

Here’s some photos of apple and pear chips and strawberry fruit leather we made.  Since then I’ve also made banana and strawberry chips.

Becky is also a skilled granola-maker, so I thought she could help me make granola bars.  We found a good recipe, but I’ve been adjusting and perfecting it to my liking in the last few weeks. 

More than liking, it’s really sort of a love thing.  Partly because I feel so do-it-yourself when I wrap them up individually in Saran Wrap and partly because they taste fantastic.

[Due to length, I’m posting the granola bar recipe separately]

As for the actual exercising, I do have to say that I really love riding my bike.  Like running, it feels like a mental break.  I ride the Burke most of the time (even pulling Ian in the trailer by myself) but we’ve also gone to the Arboretum and around Mercer Island, and we’re going to ride the triathlon course in Cd’A on Saturday.

Running has not been as exciting.  It’s being upstaged at the moment by how fun it is to ride the Buzzing Bee.  The new shoes have helped and I’m hoping running my old cross country course at Farragut this weekend will remind me why I like it so much. 

Five weeks in, I still need to do a few more things (besides keep working out):

  1. learn how to change a flat tire
  2. drink more water
  3. find some kind of top to wear that won’t give me a farmer’s tan
  4. drink more water
  5. scout out some good bike and running routes (suggestions anyone? preferably on trail or mostly on trail)
  6. drink more water
  7. not fall off my bike (I think I just jinxed it)
  8. scout out sales on Recharge and get some Shot Blocks (I only allow myself to drink/eat these after I’ve raced OR had a baby)
  9. did I say drink more water???

That’s about it, folks. For those who are truly interested, I will do my best to report back again soon.  And maybe, just maybe, there will be a cute picture of Ian in his bike helmet . . .

Unrelated, here are our May photos.


One response to “Yes, I am really doing this triathlon

  1. Way to go, Elisabeth! You look great on that bike. Looking forward to hearing the updates. Bryon is training, too.

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