Haggard hospitality

This has been the month of visitors.  First it was Mother T, then the Franci popped in between Australia and Sweden, then Corrigan from Haiti for a night, then Dad & Linda for a long weekend and now a good portion of the Haggard clan.

Three out of four weeks.  Whew.

For this reason I have barely kept up on email or returning phone calls or anything really, that pertains to the outside world.  If you’re one of those people, I’m sorry, you will see my face one day, some day, soon.

We’ve had quite a good time with everyone, but I have not the energy to report on it all.  So, I’ll stick with last week and all the Haggards–the Jared Haggards, Jason Haggards, and grandparents all together.

We went to the zoo, Pike Place, downtown, the park.  We ate Korean short ribs and Thai chicken soup.  And a lot of desserts. We played Spoons and Game of the States. And we frequented our local Redbox often.

Jared, Rosheila & Aidan left on Tuesday and since then we’ve slowed down a bit.  More movies, a trip to the Museum of Flight, Costco, Value Village & Goodwill.  We ate at The Counter last night (it was great) and strolled through the samples at Theo today.

Actually, that doesn’t sound like we’ve slowed down at all.  But we really have.  I even got nine hours of sleep last night.  I’m still giddy about it.

I wondered how Ian would do with having so many people around, but he’s absolutely loving it.  He crawls into Grandpa‘s lap without thinking.  He plays hike & seek with Grandma.  He greets everyone with “Bbbbphhhhhhh!” (a cross between blowing air out his mouth and spitting everywhere). I guess introvert x introvert = extrovert.

Today we registered for the Cd’A Tri and have plans to register Jason for the Seafair and Black Diamond olympic, too.  My training officially starts tomorrow (it’s a rest day :). I’ve been preparing for actually beginning the training, in more ways than one.  But more on that later . . .

Here’s photos.

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