Oh sleep, how you tease me

I haven’t been sleeping well lately and it makes me feel better to talk about it.  Kind of like people who have back problems.  They love to talk about their pain.  So here’s my own little health-related earful.

I can fall asleep just fine, but I wake up at 2 or 3am and lay there wide awake, my brain in overdrive.  I think about the randomest things.  Someone from high school I haven’t thought about in ten years.  What I would write in a letter to Ian if I knew my death was imminent.  Or what route we would take out of the house if we had a fire.

Geesh.  I get tired just thinking about thinking about these things all over again.  But apparently in the moment they’re not tiring enough to put me back to sleep.

At my annual check-up I told my doctor about my sleeping issue and she suggested this natural remedy.

When I looked at the ingredients listed on the back of the box, I kid you not, this is what it said:

  • Aesculus hippocastanum: relief from repetitive thoughts
  • Helianthemum nummularium: adds courage and presence of mind in the face of adversity
  • Imatiens gladulifera: helps you cope calmly and patiently with irritating problems or people
  • Prunus cerasifera: helps you act rationally and think clearly with a calm and balanced mind when you feel you are losing control
  • Ornithogalum umbellatum: softens the impact of shock or fright

How did I (and the rest of the stressed out human race) not know about this before?  If I had, I would saved myself from that furrowed brow that is now causing a wrinkle between my eyebrows that makes me look like I’m mad all the time.

The funny thing is, my sleep problems have improved somewhat since taking this magic potion.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m thinking about the things it promises me (which is practically a Hawaiian beach in my mind) or because it actually works.

Alyssa the mad scientist says sometimes all it takes is the placebo and you’re golden.  That makes me feel slightly better about the fact that I paid $10 for a tiny little 0.2 oz bottle of this stuff.

To slumber or not to slumber tonight?  That is the question.  And this magic potion just might answer it for me.


2 responses to “Oh sleep, how you tease me

  1. It definitely sounds like a magical, miracle drug!

  2. Andrea Butler

    I’ve been thinking of slipping rescue remedy into Jared’s coffee in the morning. He commutes about an hour to work every day and pretty sure he gets road rage.

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