Thoughts on this year’s garden

  • Herbs, herbs, herbs.
  • I have minimal confidence left in my tomato-growing skills.  I’m not sure why Jason is still so optimistic.
  • To move or not to move the garden to the other side of the yard where it’s sunnier.  Do I want to ask Jason to move wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of dirt? That is the question.
  • I must decide on my flower color scheme.  Or if I’m even doing flowers.  To be honest, I don’t feel very flowery at the moment.
  • Do I have the energy to try to do everything from seed, starting inside the house?  Would I even know what I was doing?
  • Motivation, where are you?  My next door neighbor is already out there meticulously constructing some sort of fancy raised bed.  And I’m sitting here in my pajama pants.
  • Let’s get real here–I’ll never be my neighbor.  He dreams about plants in his sleep.
  • On slightly different note, Lizzie is eating up the houseplants!

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