The new year around here

Almost a month of nothing going on here.  Enough is enough.  So, here you go.

First, Jason turned 34 on January 2nd.  His Christ year is over.  He says that 34 is mid-thirties and that makes him uncomfortable because the only thing that can come after that is your late thirties.  I reminded him that I’m 27 but that didn’t make him feel any better.

What did make him feel better is his surprise game night birthday party!  This included being kidnapped and escorted around town as See-no-Evil, Hear-no-Evil.

As you can see, Jason was not, by any means, emotionally traumatized by his abduction.  I was slightly traumatized that he ate salted caramel ice cream without me.

Jason & his crew (Jordan & Stacy) ended up here at our house.  They pulled around back and cranked up “New York State of Mind” from the car’s stereo and made him sing his heart out.  Little did he know party people were looking on.  Nothing seems to embarrass the man.  He was so delighted when he pulled off his headgear and realized that 20 people were listening to him.

After that we all came in out of the cold and hunkered down for a night of games.  There was the geek table (for Settlers or something of the sort) and the regular people table (for the non-geniuses).  You can guess which one Jason was at and which one I was at.

All in all I think the party was a success because my carrot cake turned out fabulously and Jason couldn’t stop talking about how amazing it all was as we were falling asleep that night.

Second, let’s talk about Ian.  He’s not just walking now, he’s running.  I’ve been taking him out in the neighborhood and on trips to the park.  The first thing he does once he gets outside is pick up a rock and hold it for the duration of the walk.  Or sometimes he’ll swap rocks out for other ones, but either way we come home with at least one.  The bothersome thing is that fists full of rocks don’t break falls on to the pavement very well.  Hence, we come home with scraped up knuckles a lot.

Although Ian doesn’t say a whole lot of words yet, he likes to say “hiiiiiiiiieeeeeey” which means “Hi” and “da da” or “daddy”, and I swear he said “Hi kitty” once.  He also likes to talk baby talk to Lizzie (I wonder where he got that from).

Though his speaking vocab is limited, he’s understanding a lot.  If I ask him where his sippy or his shoes are he’ll go find them.  He knows when we’re going to take a bath or go outside (and gets very excited).  When I tell him Daddy is coming home he runs to the window to look for him.  And the pudgy little smiley face of Ian greeting Jason at the window after a long day of work must make him feel like a million bucks.

Third, I’m starting to do some contracted writing work from home.  I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a while and a great project came my way writing and revising web copy.  I’m excited about this because 1) I’m writing 2) skills I acquired in previous jobs are coming into play 3) I get to help somebody!  Maybe I’ll shared the details and finished product at some point.

For these and other reasons I have sadly not completed any of my new year organizing projects.  But the thought of them still excites me.

Lastly, I’m praying for some inspiration and ideas for this blog.  Nothing very good is coming to me, but it will gosh darnit.

I’ll leave you with a recent family photo of us taken in Atlanta.  The kid is so photogenic.  He just can’t take a bad picture!


3 responses to “The new year around here

  1. Such a beautiful family!
    Exciting about your contracting work.
    I am also in a lull with my blog… That is why I’ve opted to do the Daring Kitchen challenges. At least the outcome includes taking photos and eating food.

  2. What a great picture…you all radiate happiness. What carrot cake recipe did you use?
    Can we skipe soon? I haven’t see Ian”live” for a long time.

  3. What a beautiful little boy! Your writing is interesting, thoughtful, and really very good! It is so nice to get a glimpse into your heart and life even though we are far apart.

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