A place for everything and everything in its place

I was that kid in school who had a perfectly organized desk.  And then I would re-organize it just for fun.

I loved pencil boxes and folders and trapper keepers and backpacks because they had specific compartments to put things in.  And I loved dollhouses because each room was its own individual space for organizing.

What this looks like for me now is a little different.   I get satisfaction from folding and putting all the laundry away in specific drawers and in the linen closet.  I love that I’m confident that I know where most everything I need is in my house.

About as much as I love that is when someone, usually Jason, asks me for something and I have exactly what he needs.  Usually this is when we’re traveling and he says “Did you pack my ___?”  Most of the time I can tell him yes (without him previously telling me to pack it) and which compartment it’s located in his suitcase.

I love all this because it means I’m organized and prepared!

This time of year a stroll into Costco leaves you bombarded with Rubbermaid tubs and soup can pantry dispensers and any other tool for organization you can think of.  It’s so great.  So naturally it’s the perfect time to bask in the glory of this slightly demented part of my personality (no offense to my organizing kindred spirits).

Halfway through December I started making my list of organizing projects I want to get done in January.  And I am giddy to share them with you:

  1. Organize the cabinet under the bathroom sink, which currently contains a pile of toothpaste, cotton balls, stockpiled chapstick, and probably several containers of expired cold medicine.  There may be a gem of something I stocked up on at some point that I’ve completely forgotten about!
  2. Make a curtain and buy a curtain rod for the window in our bathroom.  That’s not really organizing something, but I think it goes well on this list.
  3. Take a trek to IKEA to buy the perfect box to stow my love letters away in.  I’m also going to buy more candles and some frames for photo projects I’m trying to envision for our living room wall.
  4. Nostalgically sort through the last season’s round of baby clothes by size and pack into a Rubbermaid tub.
  5. And maybe, if I’m feeling particularly industrious, tackle the basement.  But no promises there because that project seems somewhat insurmountable.

I won’t report back on the completion of these projects because I understand this is probably more information than most care to know.  But, thanks for humoring me.


7 responses to “A place for everything and everything in its place

  1. I like the trip to ikea idea, but my place for perfect boxes is Lush (bellevue square or online) because they have the prettiest boxes ever (I have a silver sparkly star box, and an octogonal box with fairy tales on it) only then you also get it packed full of really yummy smelling soaps that 1) give you an excuse, nay, makes it absolutely imperative that you take care of yourself and take a bath sometimes and 2) your pretty box smell really good. My boxes infuse Lush smells into my scarves, gloves and some “unmentionables”. It’s pretty expensive, but it is totally worth it.

  2. We are a lot alike.
    Though, I can’t seem to enjoy laundry.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion, Rainbow. I may have to drop a hint for Valentine’s Day. It’s also a good reminder to just take a bath.

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