What one does at a Haggard Christmas reunion

This is a question I once had, but now have it answered.

  • dress small children up like middle eastern peasant people, celestial beings and barn animals
  • wear homemade matchy outfits, as shown above and here
  • eat the dark chocolate Bill refuses to eat
  • get your daily dose of transfats from a popcorn chariot
  • eat homemade eggrolls and authentic Filipino fare
  • if you’re Jason, get your butt kicked by a six year old playing “Guess Who?
  • get used to the volume level of those Haggards (almost all of them) that have “voices that carry”
  • be dazzled by the Christmas lights and bows and swags and wreaths and ornaments and well, Christmas everything
  • enjoy the sparkle of the chandelier hanging above your head as you relieve yourself
  • find a Costco wool sock push-pinned to the mantel filled with your favorite kind of chapstick, Fran’s caramels, and Voluspa candle (all from one particular Haggard man)
  • eradicate diseases that threaten to destroy human life on earth
  • channel your inner domestic goddess (ladies only)

Needless to say, all five of my senses have sufficiently met their limit (and admittedly, at times, been slightly overloaded).  But many enjoyable memories have been made.

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