Ian’s 1st birthday

I know, I know, it’s already been five days since Ian’s birthday and not a peep on this blog about all the festivities.  Well, we were busy partying!  I really did hope to post sooner, but there was so much going on that now is the first time I have a few quiet, uninterrupted moments.

First, I will say that it has been such a joyful year.  I didn’t realize how emotional I would be as I looked back on the day Ian came into this world and all the memories since.  It’s just blessing after blessing getting to know him as he grows and changes every day. 

And change he has!  Take a look, from the first day all the way to the 365th.

I look back and miss the days when he was so small, yet Jason keeps reminding me that it is getting better and better.  And it is.

And now for the birthday details . . .

Ian woke up on the morning of his birthday to both Mom and Dad.  Jason slept in a little so he could be there to spend a few minutes with him and of course, Ian was very excited.  We opened a birthday card from Grandma Terri (we already celebrated at her house over Thanksgiving) and a gift from Jordan & Elysia.  Only Jordan would give a one year old an Italian sweater.  But boy does he look good in it.

Jason & Ian played a bit and I cried a little because that’s what you do when you’re a first-time mom and your baby boy turns the big O-N-E.  Jason let Ian play with his alarm clock and when he pressed the button the song “These Are the Days” by 10,000 Maniacs came on.  That’s when the tears started coming.

I recovered and Jason was sadly off to work.  And then it was time to get ready to go to the zoo to meet Alyssa & Alaythia!

Ian’s first zoo visit was unfortunately not the most enjoyable one.  It was the first really cold day of winter and I just wasn’t thinking and packed very lightly.  No mittens, no blanket, no wipes, no toys to distract, etc.  When we couldn’t find an indoor place to have lunch we sat down at a park bench and within minutes Ian was in tears because his hands were little ice blocks and his face was red, raw, and cold. 

But here’s one of the okay moments (unfortunately no animals pictured):

We only saw a few animals and by the time we found an indoor play space it was pretty much time to go home.  Tired, frazzled, cold.  That’s what we were when we left.  So when we got home we both crashed in bed for a while.   

Jason came home a bit early and we headed to Ian’s one year doctor’s visit.  Dr. Cullen says all is well.  He’s shot up to the 50% mark in height and is 21 lbs 6 oz.  He especially liked it when Dr. Cullen let him play with her fancy electronic thermometer/ear checker.

After that we were off to Trophy Cupcakes!  That is of course what one does when one turns one year old. 

Triple Chocolate it was.  Nothing else would do.  Unfortunately he didn’t have it until the next day because it was right before bed time.  Poor planning on our part.

When Ian finally did eat that Triple Chocolate (and when I say “eat” I mean the entire thing, including the mound of frosting on top) he was shortly thereafter doing laps around the living room chasing Lizzie.   Maybe next time not the whole thing.  But hey, you gotta party like you’re one year old!

Dad & Linda came to visit starting on Thursday and helped us get ready for Ian’s birthday party on Saturday.  Jason spent most of the day in the kitchen preparing the food and Linda served as sous chef.  Ian got all spiffied up and even tried on his lederhosen to get the adrenaline pumping for the party.

Part of all that party prep included making a cake, of course.   And cake we had–a big chocolate one (made by Jason and decorated by Linda) and yellow buttercream cupcakes. 

Shortly after everyone arrived and scarfed down some of the delicious food, we sang Ian “Happy Birthday” and presented him with his fashionable and delicious cake. 

[Note: the first singing of “Happy Birthday” is for his actual birthday and the second is at his party]

He ended up eating one of the yellow buttercream cupcakes, as did I.  They were so good I will say they legitimately compete with anything Trophy has.  Ian agrees.

We hung out after that and opened some presents, including a new motorcycle jacket from Grandpa.

There ends the birthday celebration.  I will say, all in all, it was quite a nice one.  We’re sad Grandpa Bill & Grandma Becky and Grandma Terri couldn’t be there, but hope all the photos and video will suffice.

Cheers to the Bo Bee-an!


2 responses to “Ian’s 1st birthday

  1. Yay! I was wondering about you guys. Love you all and thanks for sharing with us 🙂 Hugs all around. The Stiles

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