Differences in “perspective”

Jason: It needs more salt.

Elisabeth:  You always say that.  You’re a salt fiend.


Elisabeth: It’s important to do a thorough vaccuming job and that includes doing the edging, PLEASE.

Jason: You have OCD, Beautiful.


Jason: The [fill in vegetable] in our garden isn”t growing.  They’re not going to make it (as he fingers whatever said vegetable).

Elisabeth: STOP right there!  Don’t you dare pull them up! You have to be patient.


Elisabeth: Jason, please don’t throw Ian around like that.  You’re going to snap his neck or his brain is going to disattach from his skull or something.

Jason: I know what you’re thinking: baby chiropractic appointments.  I’m not paying for them.


Jason: Grab me a towel quick, quick, quick!  Ian just spit up in my general vicinity [or touched me with this dirty, food-filled hands].

Elisabeth: And explain to me again how this falls line with your insistence that Ian be a boy and get dirty?


Jason: I don’t feel good.  I think I’m coming down with something.

Elisabeth: Here, take this homeopathic remedy. 

Jason: How much am I paying for these sugar pills?


Elisabeth: Jason, isn’t Lizzie so cute and amazing?

Jason: Umm, yes.


4 responses to “Differences in “perspective”

  1. Oh my goodness. Marriage is wonderful, isn’t it.

  2. LOL!!! Miss you…

  3. 1. The Army destroyed my tastebuds.
    2. Some vacuuming is better than none, especially when you are in a hurry.
    3. The corn never really made it. I will admit the carrots did great, despite my doubts.
    4. Ian is not your average kiddo, he is strong, always has been.
    5. Dirt is clean, spit-up is nasty.
    6. Weeds and Seeds.
    7. She grows on you.

  4. You guys are so great!

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