Ten months

Saturday Ian turned ten months old.  He’s progressed and changed in so many ways in the last couple months, it’s hard to remember and report it all, but I will do my best.

We’ll start with food because  I think that’s always a good place to start.  Ian will pretty much eat anything, but his favorites right now are roasted potatoes, whole wheat pancakes or toast, blueberries and broccoli. He’s developed his pincer grasp and he’s got 4 teeth (and 3 more coming in) so he can manage feeding himself most of the time.   Right now he’s in a carbo loading stint, but he’s also had a protein phase and a cheerio inhaling phase.

In the last week Ian has had his first lick of an ice cream cone and his first cheetoo.  These happened when he was in Dad’s arms and I wasn’t looking.  I didn’t mind the ice cream (as you can tell) but was a bit disturbed about the cheetoo since Jason shoved the whole thing in Ian’s mouth.  We are all still alive, though.

I’m not sure if this will always be the case, but it seems that where Ian meets and exceeds developmental milestones is in the physical activity department.  He can pull himself up to a standing position and hold on with one hand.  In the past couple days he’s showing more interest in walking if we are holding his arms up.

Ian’s also motoring around very quickly and can make it up the stairs by himself.  We go up with him and cheer when he gets to the top.  He loves it.  We haven’t found a way to block off the stairs going up so he tries a lot to climb them when we’re not by his side.  One time he made it all the way up and was playing in the bathroom before I noticed.  After my heart stopped pounding, I thanked God Ian didn’t try to come back down the stairs!

In September Ian finished up his tot swimming lessons and had his first experience “kicking” the soccer ball around with Dad.  He’s also been really great about being pushed along in the BOB when I go on my runs (not that that’s really strenuous for him).  He usually lulls himself into comatose state until we get home.  Then he’s excited because he gets to chew on my water bottle while I do some stretching.

Ian’s also become very aware of music.  If he hears it on the computer, on the TV or in the car he starts bobbing up and down.  He loves when we dance with him.  He’s discovered he can reach up and plunk away on the keys of the piano, so last week  I pulled out the little piano that Noah gave him to see what he would think of the pint-sized version.  He spent a good ten minutes banging away (both on the keys and on the wood top) in his room by himself .  We brought it downstairs and put it next to the big piano and he’s managed to start playing them both at the same time.

Ian’s most consistent little playmate is Alaythia.  They spend at least two or three days a week with each other and have become good buds.  

I see Ian’s good-natured but very physical personality come out most when he’s with Alaythia.   She’ll sit happily in one place, nesting cups, pulling things in and out of boxes, pushing buttons, pulling knobs on toys.  By the time she’s done studying one toy Ian has circled the room three times, tried to topple a lamp over, found a piece of food on the floor and shoved it in his mouth, and then come over and grabbed her face and/or hair for a follow-up snack.  He’s not mean-spirited about any of it (though sometimes slightly ornery).  Mainly he’s just exploring and excited. 

Speaking of ornery, that’s a good way of putting Ian’s difficult times, which really aren’t all that bad yet.  When he’s tired or annoyed he will scrunch up his face at you.  If he’s doing something he’s not supposed to do sometimes he’ll laugh in a slightly rebellious sort of way, since he’s glad he’s gotten everybody’s attention.  He’s also taken to dropping food and his sippy cup off of his tray when he doesn’t want them anymore.  He’s not angry in these times, just mildly annoyed things are not as he thinks they should be.  When he does get frustrated is when he’s forced to lie still while he’s getting changing or I take an object away from  him that he’s excited about.

Ian’s had some more firsts, too: his first ferry ride, his first visit to a pumpkin patch, his first petting zoo experience with a mild-mannered goat, and his first cut (from a faceplant into the staircase). He also recently had a visit from Grandpa Brad & Linda and Jordan & Elysia have returned from Europe, so he’s gotten a lot of hugs, snuggles, and smiles.  Elysia‘s been especially entertaining for him (while I get some kid-free moments).

That’s about it (well, not really, but it’ll do for now).  If you want to know more, you’ll just have to come visit and see the little bugger for yourself.

Here are September and October‘s photos, for your viewing enjoyment.


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