Two years and we’re still loving each other

Today is Jason & I’s two year wedding anniversary.  WE MADE IT THIS FAR.

The first six months of our marriage was sort of like going to the dentist to get a root canal WITHOUT novacaine.  The second six months were a hesitant, hopeful recovery with the thought of going back to the dentist slowly losing its ability to induce a nervous breakdown.

Heres us after that first six months.  We made it and were okay.

Here's us after that first six months. We made it and we're okay. In fact, we're 4 months pregnant with Ian.

In year two, things kept improving, actually in a very natural sort of way.  Thank you, Lord.  It was sort of like going for your yearly cleaning and maybe being scolded to floss more, but generally getting a clean bill of dental health (why am I drawing out this metaphor??). 

We still have a lot to learn.  We still have that same repetitive argument.  There are insecurities, fears, selfishness, pride, unforgiveness.  These things need to be toppled over.  I pray it is day by day.  But there is more grace, more acceptance, more hopefullness that we are becoming the people and the couple God wants us to be.  We also have gotten our eyes off of ourselves and each other and onto our delightful son, friends, and family.

We’re laughing a lot more and just generally having more fun.  One of the biggest ways is with food.  We love cooking it, musing over it, enjoying the restaurant experience (like this place, which was AMAZING).  For someone who has struggled with food & body image issues in the past, this is really redemptive.  And it’s special for Jason because one day he wants to start a restaurant and he’s trying to convince me to go along with his crazy plans (which are slowly starting to sound less and less crazy).

If the Lord wills it, we will have many more years together.  And I hope so, because it seems there is so much more to learn about each other and about Jesus.  

Thanks to everyone who’s helped us and prayed for us on our journey so far.  It has been quite a journey!

I love you, Jason.


One response to “Two years and we’re still loving each other

  1. Congrats on 2 years! God brought you to mind today and it made me smile to read this post and hear about God’s faithful love and redemption in your lives. Ian is adorable!

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