Fall is here

Summer is gone.  This is what the end looked like.  I think it had a nice way of saying goodbye.

Fall is officially underway.  Of course there was that Saturday a few weeks ago when I thought it had arrived and thus made pumpkin soup and bread bowls on what turned out to be an 80-degree day.  With the stove and oven on the house was a bit warm that evening. But that is neither here nor there.

Now the temperature has dropped and we’ve had a bit of rain.  But more than that, you can feel fall in the air; it leaves cheeks ruddy and eyes a little watery. 

Since I’m a woman of ritual, here are some of my fall-ish tasks, some new, some old:

  • put an extra quilt on the bed
  • refresh my stock of pillar candles
  • put on a pair of my beloved Costco wool socks (and keep them on until May)
  • buy Ian this year’s earflap hat
  • plug in the space heater and give it a hug for getting me through last winter
  • stock up on Halloween candy.  Yes, I know I will eat most of it but those five trick-or-treaters will be grateful
  • say hello to the dutch oven and (this time) unabashedly make soup in it
  • eat a caramel apple
  • pull out Ian’s next round of clothes–corduroys, fuzzy sweatshirts, blue jeans, flannel
  • go to this pumpkin patch on Saturday
  • start thinking about Christmas gifts (yay!)

I won’t say how much of this I’m accomplished, but you can guess I’ve gotten to at least one item on the list. Thanks Linda 🙂

Here are more photos, particularly ones of our visit to Lakeside Bible Camp on Whidbey Island this last weekend.


One response to “Fall is here

  1. I love the pictures, Ian is so adorable.

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