Oh Those Dreams!

So Elisabeth and Ian came back from a visit to Mother Teresa’s last Monday.  I picked them up from the airport and was really surprised at how much Ian had grown, even in the five days they were gone.  An interesting thing happened that night though.  I am not sure if it was due to their return, but I sort of think so.

It was around 1 o’clock in the morning that first night and I fly out of bed and slam into the wall.  Still in a daze, Elisabeth asked what was wrong.  Still in a daze, I say something about thinking she was a snake, crawl back into bed and return to sleep.

The following morning, I notice a not-so-superficial gash on my left forearm and vaguely remember catching it on the night stand.


Now all of that would be interesting and worth a conversation, but not a blog.  It was the next night that makes this blog worthy.

That night, again around 1 o’clock.  I shoot out of bed and firmly tell Elisabeth to get out of the room.

“Elisabeth, get out of the room!”


“Quick, get out of the room!”


“Go, go, go!”


I shoo her out of the room, push her through the door, and by her accout, “act mean”.  I shut the door behind her and proceed to look for the green King Cobra that I am positive is under the covers of our bed.  Cautiously, I lift up the blanket.  I shake out the sheet, but alas, no King Cobra.

After making absolutely sure that there is no snake in the bed, I go in to the bathroom where Elisabeth is sitting on the toliet and tell her about the snake.  Understandably she is upset, but I don’t really notice, because I’m not really awake.  We both go back to our snake-free bed, but at this point we have woken up Ian (and when I say “we”, I mean me).  I sort of hear him crying, but after only a few moments I am fast asleep.

The next day I find out that after I fell asleep, Elisabeth listened to Ian cry, got back up, feed him, soothed him back to sleep, all the while frustrated that I had put her in this predicament.  I tried to make it up to her.  I said I was really sorry.  I tried really hard to suppress my smiles.

We laugh about it now and I am proud to report there haven’t been any snakes in our bed since.

One response to “Oh Those Dreams!

  1. Haha. That’s funny Jason. Not too long ago Curt and I had about the same situation, except I landed on the floor and Curt was ready to fight somebody… after I screamed and told him to get out of bed, pushing him, then he grabbed me (not knowing what was going on and pulled me out of bed the rest of the way!) All to wake up and realize there was NO spider in the bed with me 🙂 funny memories!!!

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