8 months

The rumors are true–the man’s on the move. He only spent a couple of days rocking back and forth on his hands and knees before he took off like there’s no tomorrow.

As you can see, since learning to crawl a little less than a week ago, there have been some bumps and bruises along the way. Sometimes he gets upset but other times I hear a thud that sounds like it hurts and he just keeps cruisin’ along.

We escaped the heat wave last week at Kabyn & Alyssa‘s and so he spent the first few days crawling around their very cool basement. Since we’ve returned home he has had so much fun exploring our house. The specifics of this include sticking his fingers in the box fan, getting stuck under furniture, grabbing electrical cords, and pushing the garbage can around. On to babyproofing.

We are also working on the appropriate etiquette for giving the cat lovies, which does not include excitedly grabbing and pinching (we have tried the latter approach and surprisingly it doesn’t seem to be working).

Ian also got his first two teeth a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t even notice until we were sitting waiting at the doctor’s office and I just happened to look into his mouth and saw them. He wasn’t fussy at all prior to them popping up, but he had chewed the corner off one of his board books earlier that day so I guess I should’ve seen it coming.

We’ve also got some crib antics going on which is not making getting to sleep so easy. For some reason naps are not a problem, but at bedtime I lay him down, he starts crying, and immediately sits himself up in the corner of his crib. He remains there, crying, until he gets so exhausted that he lays the upper half of his body down. This half-laying/half-sitting position looks incredibly uncomfortable. He only sleeps for about 20 minutes before I think his legs fall asleep and it wakes him up, only to start the whole process over again. Oh, son.

Ian is also waving, though not always at the appropriate social moments, just whenever he gets the hankering to do so. He also loves doing his cheer squad move.

And here’s his most recent look–frustrated and annoyed.

He starts snorting when he gives this look, though unfortunately you can’t enjoy that pleasant experience through the photo.

Though he’s still the fun-loving, good natured guy we’ve come to know and love, he is having more “moments.” The ones where he does not want to sit still on the changing pad or he’s upset he can’t chew on a cord or the boob or bottle just isn’t coming to him fast enough. We will call these precious moments. I am sure looking back with my fuzzy memory I will nostalgically remember them that way.

Lastly, his favorite past time is jumping. The exersaucer is a bit passe at this point because he just can’t get the height he’s hoping for. Until we put him in Alaythia’s jumperoo. That did the trick.

Here’s to 8 months of fun!


One response to “8 months

  1. Grandpa Haggard

    I believe this is what Ian was thinking when he started crawling. “For such a long time all the really neat stuff was always ‘over there.’ Now, for some reason, I am ‘over there’ too! Pretty cool, huh.”

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