Haggard homesteading

Although I haven’t spoken much about it in a while, the homesteading continues on here at the Haggard Ranch.

As you can see from the video back in May we were about to plant a full garden complete with corn, strawberries, and all kinds of leafy greens from seed as well as tomato, red onion, and strawberry starters. This is a big feat for me, since I am a novice gardener. But, with my very common sense husband by my side (who can usually figure out how to do just about anything) we set to work creating the raised bed and put our seeds and plants in the ground.

While we waited for life to spring up, we enjoyed our own little piece of farmland oasis in the midst of all the big city livin’.

Like last year, I also did potted herbs and some annuals on our deck, but this year I expanded my horizons by adding dill, oregano, thyme, and sage.

Now that we’re halfway through the summer, take a look at how it’s going

Although we realized later that the location of the raised bed isn’t the sunniest spot in our yard and despite the fact that we don’t really know what we’re doing, I think we are making out quite well. The plants aren’t growing up as big and hearty as those of our neighbors, but we’ve got plenty of leafy greens and maybe (cross your fingers) a few tomatoes and strawberries will be had soon.

View the rest of the photos here.


3 responses to “Haggard homesteading

  1. Looking great E and J!
    Next year I think you should expand your repertoire to raspberries. We can give you a bunch of starts and they work great along a fence line (perhaps the one opposite your raised bed?) Raspberries can make even the blackest thumbed gardener (which you clearly are not) appear to be genius they love this climate (and we are enjoying raspberry cobbler tonight!).
    Your garden is coming along splendidly..enjoy its harvest!

  2. i just like Jason’s glasses in the video.

  3. /Elisabeth, you are sooo funny. I have watched this five times and still can’t get enough.

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