6 months

Ian passed the 6 month mark last week. For some reason, this seems like a big deal to me. He’s not a little bitty baby anymore but he’s certainly getting more fun every day. This month has been packed with activities and milestones.

First, Ian has become a wiggling maniac. I can barely get a diaper on him because he moves fast and he’s strong. The other day I had the changing pad on the bathroom floor and ran into his room to get a diaper, only to come back and find him completely off of the pad, a foot away, wiggling on his stomach.

Second, he’s grabbing onto everything–plastic rings, cups, and toys. I’m starting to have to pay attention when we’re sitting at the dinner table as he reaches for my plate. Whenever he sees a bottle, he starts reaching for it and can get it in his mouth with a bit of help.

Third, he’s eating solids. We started with ground turkey about two weeks ago and since then he’s had avocado, peaches, banana and rice cereal. Although he was a bit perplexed with the texture in his mouth at the beggining, he has taken to eating big people food very well.

Speaking of food, we have had some troubles in milk department. At his 6-month check-up we discovered that he is still dropping on the growth chart in weight and has started to also drop in height. Our doctor recommended that I start feeding him more often and also did some blood work on me. A few days later we discovered that my thyroid is acting up and this has probably caused my milk supply to slowly decrease.

With some supplementation I noticed quite quickly that Ian is gaining weight (thank you, lower back, for informing me) and he’s doing great now. He’s no longer picky about taking a bottle, as he’s discovered it’s a much quicker easier way to get food (sigh). We are still breastfeeding and hope to continue, but I feel as though God is helping me to hold this with an open hand.

Here’s a few other things Ian’s been up to

  • he went on his first hike
  • he’s graduated from his car seat to the big boy seat of the stroller
  • he survived his first bout of hot summer weather by cooling off in his new kiddie pool
  • he had his first cold, which I quickly got from him. He didn’t fuss much and even obliged his momma by watching the complete second DVD of Anne of Green Gables with her as she regained her health
  • had a very special baby dedication gathering (which I will talk more about later)

Every month really does get better. June will include some long distance travels to see family, including grandparents and a great grandma. We can’t wait for them to see how much he’s grown and how much of a delight he is.

View May’s photos here (most recent are at the bottom) and here.


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