Memorial Day 2009

By Jason

It is Memorial Day 2009. Memorial Day is always an interesting holiday for me. It didn’t mean much more to me than a day off of school/work, until Iraq and Christian’s death. In Iraq a friend, Bruce Smith, died in a helicopter crash. Years later, my good friend Christian Skoglund died, also in a helicopter crash. What was a day off now has a lot of meaning. Saying happy Memorial Day doesn’t really cut it.

Now this isn’t why I am posting, but I do want to say thank you to all the service members today and the families of those no longer with us.

About this post. Two things really; ok, three. One, I have been feeling quite industrious lately. Saturday I was planning on going on the first bike ride of the season, but my bike pump was broke. I needed this little part that could not be found at Gregs or any other place. So I went down to Recycled Cycles and found this other part, that wasn’t the right one, but with a little surgery, it works. Saved me from having to buy a new pump, $30.

Second, I have this American Flag that I have never flown. I decided today was the day. I went to Fred Meyers yesterday, but flag poles are $23. I didn’t want to spend that, so I rigged a great flag pole out of spare wood, some wire and a few screws. It looks great. I am watching it now as I type and there is a sense of patriotism that simmers in me.

Third, the aforementioned flag was acquired while deployed to Iraq. When I was stationed at Baghdad International Airport, there was a way to purchase a flag and then the Rangers I was working for would flag it over the base and give it back with this cool certificate. This flag is the best thing I have from Iraq besides my memories.



One response to “Memorial Day 2009

  1. Phil Skoglund

    Thanks for remembering. We were sent a similar flag from Baghdad by someone Christian worked with there.

    Hope things are going well with you guys. It was fun seeing the baby!

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