Now open for egg-laying business

Yes, it’s taken us longer than we promised, but we finally finished Coop de Haggard!

It all started with a spontaneous conversation about chickens at Community Group, which ignited a dream in my heart, which was followed by a deal struck with Shelley to take two of hers.

This got the artistic genius of CPT Jordan Francis going. It’s amazing the kind of things one learns in the army.

And then there’s my husband. Three words: Got. It. Done.

For your viewing pleasure, the grand opening of Coop de Haggard.

And because that’s not certainly not enough, view the photos of how it all went down.

Judging on the lack of comments on what we should name our chickens a few weeks ago, we’ll give you a little help: are our chickens kindred spirits, the perfect lunch combo, or Golden Girls?

Whether you’re reading this via email, reader, or visiting our site, please click through to the poll and take a second to vote (it’ll be up for a week).


2 responses to “Now open for egg-laying business

  1. Fried and Baked

  2. I totally love your chicken coop! You are going to have so much fun. My family had 4 chickens when I was a kid growing up in N. California. My brothers chicken turned out to be a rooster, though!

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