Five months

I am long overdue to post on Ian’s 5 month birthday, it was well over a week ago. We have been busy doing chicken stuff, C’dA stuff, garden stuff, all kinds of stuff. But, Ian keeps on growing so I better get on with an update.

Bo Bee-an has been up to a lot this last month. First, Grammie Terri came for an Easter visit. He usually doesn’t like being in big church, but this time he sat and watched quietly through the whole service. He also didn’t mind when Grammie dressed him up as a small woodland creature.

Not long after that Ian hit the pavement for his first road race–the Bellevue 5K. It was so easy for him, he practically did it in his sleep.  Oh wait, he did do it in his sleep .  . .

Ian also got to meet Candygram (or Candymom, to the rest of us), who came to visit Jordan & Elysia in April. What fun to have another grammie to play with! And I think this may tide Candy over (briefly) until grandchildren arrive 🙂

Here are a few more things Ian’s been up to this last month:

  • loves laying on the play mat and looking at himself in the little mirror attached to it
  • has decided that sucking on his pointer and middle finger are a sufficient soothing replacement for the swaddleme during nap and bedtime
  • having lots of crib antics, such as the one documented here
  • grabs his feet and pulls his socks off when he’s on the changing pad
  • is starting to grab toys hanging in front of him. He’ll also hold on to rings or blankies we give him (and, unfortunately Momma’s hair, face, and shirt)
  • rides along in the BOB as his dad and mom go running together on weekend mornings
  • is now interested in Lizzie and watches her if she comes around while he’s eating or is in the room
  • has started to notice other babies, making eye contact with Alaythia and giving Owen a big smile the last time he saw him
  • likes to scratch and feel different textures
  • still drooling a lot, but no sign of teeth yet
  • enjoys when I sing to him as he’s winding down for sleep

Ian’s just generally getting more physical– grabbing, holding, pulling, feeling, scratching, wiggling, etc. He’s becoming more and more a little boy and less a baby (sigh).

Speaking of manly things, the Goob LOVES his dad. He’s delighted when Jason comes home from work and sits down with him on the couch to talk and play. I think he likes that Jason is more rough-and-tumble with him. Jason is also a pro at getting him to laugh with his silly surprise faces.

It has been a busy season, but looking back I think my favorite memories will be of our family time, just the three 0f us.  This has included jogs with the BOB, a visit to the Tilth edible plant sale, and a walk in downtown Ballard that ended at Cupcake Royale.

Here’s to the Gooabro!

Check out Ian’s April photos.


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