Mini cows continued (and what to name our chickens)

Stephenny sent this to me and it TOTALLY made my day. Those of you who know about my dream of having a kitten farm will understand (or at least love me for or in spite of it).

I like the gopher who reminds me of Caddyshack and the border collie and, of course, the mini cows.

I don’t like the implied fact that these cute little cows are going to be turned into mini sirloin burgers and that Jack will someday be humming a tune with his campfire friends as he bites into the meat of one of their cute little behinds. That is a bit disturbing.

But then I just tell myself that those mini cows probably aren’t really real and so them being mass slaughtered for the average American’s consumption is all just a marketing farce. People love mini cows and would never do anything to hurt them.

I also don’t like the Shetland pony because I have heard they are mean little suckers.

On an unrelated animal note, we are in the process of building Coop de Haggard. I think in a week or two it will be complete and ready for our feathered friends.

We don’t have names yet for our girls, but are taking suggestions so please give us some ideas in the comments section. If we pick yours I will send you a special prize.

2 responses to “Mini cows continued (and what to name our chickens)

  1. I am confident they’re not real mini cows but rather it’s CGI if you look closely. Sleep soundly tonight knowing mini cows don’t mean mini burgers 😉

  2. “Blossom” is a sweet name for your chicken

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