Fun photo project

I’ve been working on some photo projects and thought I’d share one I just completed.

It was super easy to do and pretty inexpensive. And, I think it looks really cool.

I took the photos with my camera, not thinking of using them for anything in particular. When I downloaded them I thought I’d convert them to black and white with my very basic photo editing program. Somewhere along the way I came up with doing a mosaic of sorts.

I ordered wallet-size photos through Kodak Gallery. They were $1.59 each and I wondered why that was so pricey until I got them in the mail and one wallet was actually a sheet of four wallets (of the same image). So, if you’re going to do a project like this it might be a good idea to replicate it for gifts.

One bonus is that they were running a special of 30% off prints and I bought through Ebates which gave me 12% more off. Each wallet with the discounts was about 44 cents = $5.28 total (but the total cost for the wallet sheets was $11.08).

I also bought some white matting board ($5.50 x 40% off coupon = $3.30) and a simple silver frame ($12 x 40% off coupon = $7.20) at Aaron Brothers.

Jason cut the matting board to the size of my frame (16 x 20″) and I mounted the photos with double-sided tape. This took me a while because I get obsessed with everything measuring perfect.

The best part about it is that it displays how incredibly cute my son is. The second best part is that I got to use my right brain. The third best part is that it was relatively inexpensive, costing me about $16.


One response to “Fun photo project

  1. surprisedbyjoy

    I love this, Elisabeth. I’m a sucker for photo projects :). Very cute.

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