Four months

Today is Ian bo bee-an’s 4 month birthday, so here is an update.

He had his 4 month well-child appointment on Tuesday and checked out just fine. He’s 13 lbs 4 oz (25%) and 25 1/4″ long (50-75%). He’s slowed his weight gain down over the last two months, partly I think because he’s sleeping through the night and having less feedings. So, we are working on eating and, in conjunction, building up my milk supply. I am trying not to be too concerned about it, we will see how that goes . . .

He also had his 4th vaccine shot at this doctor’s visit and did great. In fact, he always does great. Dr. Cullen is very quick about it and though he does cry, he is easily soothed by breastfeeding.

Ian is also a bit more active. He’s able to roll from his stomach to back, but is selective about when he will do so. Sometimes he just lays there and gets frustrated until we pick him up, while other times he’ll just flip himself over.

Although I would not say he has gained the ability to flip from his back to stomach, we have had sort of a situation at night. If he wakes up, which is rare but happens, he gets upset and arches his back. With him being swaddled, this has resulted in him unintentionally rolling onto his stomach and face-planting the mattress.

So, it’s time to phase out of the swaddleme. This has been a bit more difficult than I expected. I tried swaddling him with his arms free, but didn’t realize how much it calms him to have them snug against his sides. After a couple days of crying before sleep and startling himself mid-nap, he’s generally doing better with having his arms out.

Auntie Tiffany and Baby Kate came to visit this month and we all had a great time. Since I’ve already blogged about it I won’t got into redundant detail, but here’s a video of them together.

As you can see Ian isn’t camera shy. He seems to go in phases–for a few days he’ll be very talkative and then he’ll be more on the quiet side. His cooing is usually very soft and intentional, but just recently he’s been squealing with delight when he’s excited.

He’s also getting more and more interested with large groups of people and lots of activity going on. We took him to a Wine Outlet sale filled with people and he loved sitting in my arms just taking it all in. He didn’t say anything, just observed. This is usually his modus operandi, but he’s been known to smile at ladies if they talk to him, even if they are strangers.

Just this past week I’ve started to see a bit of fiestiness in him. In his struggling to nap he has really turned up the volume on his crying. He lets out an exasperated, frustrated sort of cry that makes his voice sound hoarse. I can tell he’s not hungry or in need of anything, he’s just upset he’s not out with the rest of the world.

We also tried to give him a bottle, which we hadn’t done in a while. He did NOT like that and promptly let us know about it. He cried and pulled out his stiff body move (which he does when he’s tired or frustrated). But, after a few minutes of resistance, he decided to take the bottle and sucked it empty.

All in all, Ian is a very agreeable little guy. I can tell he has a tender heart, and even in his frustration he’s a lot more gentle than obstinant.

My sweet boy. I hug him as much as I can, sing lots of made up songs to him and dance with him (I truly am taking after my mother).  As for new nicknames, I’ve been calling him Goober, which has morphed into “Goob”.

A few months before Ian was born Jason & I memorized Psalm 127 which says “Children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward” (v3). I was struck by that word reward. Ian is a precious reward, yet for something we know we haven’t earned.

Like his name says “God is gracious.”


3 responses to “Four months

  1. keishavalentina

    What a cute little guy he is! 🙂

    Hey, try Domperidone for low milk supply. I’ve been on it for months and it really is amazing stuff. Cindie can prescribe it for you.

  2. i also read that being on progesterone (i.e. mini-pill or other breastfeeding-safe progesterone-only BC options) is supposed to help supply—-will let you know soon if it works 🙂

  3. surprisedbyjoy

    Love that photo. Cannot believe we still haven’t met the little guy in person. What a sweet face.

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