Washing machine deal

Tiffany asked me how I saved $200 on our new washing machine, so I thought I would share on the blog how I did it. This is basically along the lines of what Amie did in helping us find a new printer.

1. I researched online. Front loading machines are more a expensive purchase up front, though you do get your money back in the amount of water you save (we calculated 6 months). We didn’t want to get something cheap, but we wanted to the keep the cost as low as we could.

I looked at Sears, Lowe’s and Home Depot. Both Sears and Lowe’s were really expensive and didn’t have as many options. Home Depot was a lot more reasonable. After quite a bit of searching, I happened to see on their homepage that they were featuring an Amana front loader which was a top seller and voted a best value by HD customers. It was a good price and all the reviews were positive.

Here’s where the deals come in and it gets fun . . .

2. I checked to see if Ebates offered cash back at Home Depot. They did–3%. As long as I clicked through from the Ebates website I would get credited. I also checked Cashbaq, but the percentage was higher at Ebates. Savings: $16.14.

3. I checked the Home Depot website. They were offering 10% off energy star appliances, which this machine was. It was already slashed off the price online, no promotion code needed. Savings: $60

4. I checked for promotion codes and rebates. I just did a search on my browser and found the following deals:

  • $50 of a purchase of $500 or more (we were just above that!) Savings: $50
  • A rebate on the cost of delivery. I had to pay the fee up front and then send in the paperwork and they would send me a cash card for the amount. Savings: $65

5. I used a cash back credit card. With Jason’s Citi card we get 1% back on everything we purchase. Savings: $5.30

Total savings: $196.60!

I will say this was not a quick process. It took me several hours, partly because of the initial research. I am also finding that as I learn the ropes of frugal shopping I am getting quicker at finding the deals. I don’t mind that it takes me a bit of time because as you can see I got mucho buckos back!

We are enjoying our new machine and thanking God that He blessed us with a great deal.

(P.S. I think I’m going to blog more about how great Ebates and Cashbaq are later, but if you decide to sign up for them after reading this post, please click on these links and I’ll get some extra cash back)


One response to “Washing machine deal

  1. Wow! What a great deal there. I am browsing for some cool offers of washing machine and good thing I read your post. I was also referring to this Amana washing machine & washer reviews which has some great information of varied washing machines. Thanks for this again.

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