Three months

Today Ian is three months old. It’s such a cliche, but time really does fly by.

What a joy he is to our lives–not just Jason & I, but his grandparents, friends and other family. He has brought many a smile or laugh to the people who love him dearly, and to strangers, too.

When I think of words to describe him I think of gentle, sweet, patient, and joyful. I don’t think he got these from me. He is patient like his father. He has a hoarse, low little voice and when he wants to communicate with you he lets out these very sweet and gentle little coos.

The joyfulness, well, I think that has come down straight from heaven. We needed some in our lives and I am very thankful to God it has come by way of our son.

We also call Ian our pensive child. In that he is taking after his mother. He’s inherited the infamous gorilla look–a scrunching of the brow when deep in thought or maybe even irritated (maybe). When he cries it’s more like a meek, sad whimper than a full-out yell. It just makes you want to hug him.

Other updates on Ian are

  • His eyes are still blue and we think it’s gonna stick. I had blue eyes of the same shade all the way through childhood.
  • Most people agree that when he smiles he looks like Jason. In the picture above (taken by Adelle) I think he looks like his Grandpa Brad.
  • All his newborn and most 0-3 month clothes have been put away. He’s now in 3 month or 3-6 month duds.
  • He’s a Krohn–long and lean.
  • When he smiles he opens his mouth real big. When he’s in wonder or surprised by something he gets this look on his face.
  • He took his first trip which included his first plane ride, first long car ride, and first visit to Grammie’s house. This also included his first major blowout.
  • Breastfeeding has gotten so much better. Partly because his mouth is bigger, but also because he’s learning how to transfer milk and extend his tongue more efficiently after getting his tongue tie fixed. The tension in his jaw is also going away. Whereas breastfeeding used to be painful and frustrating, I think we both now really enjoy spending that time together.
  • He’s had two visits from Grandparents Haggard, two from Grandpa Brad & Linda, and two from Grammie Terri. He’ll meet the first of his cousins, Baby Kate, when Auntie Tiff comes in a few weeks.
  • He’s got the lip. He gives it mostly when he’s overwhelmed.
  • He has just started to take interest in rolling over, but we are at the very beginning stages of attempts. Today he rolled over onto his side and then rolled back.
  • He was sleeping through the night at the beginning and then had a stint of night wakings. Since he’s been sleeping in his crib in his own room he is sleeping well. Well, for four nights in a row anyway . . .
  • He still loves being swaddled at nap and bedtime. We put him in the corner of his crib at night and find him 180 degrees flipped around in the morning. He has developed a bald spot on the back of his head from all this swaddled wiggling. He doesn’t know it’s there so he’s not embarrassed that he’s balding. I refuse to believe he is already taking on this unfortunate Haggard trait so early in his life.
  • He’s started to laugh, but infrequently. I heard it once and then a couple days later at the Canavera’s he started laughing uncontrollably at the dinner table. We all started laughing with him and he just kept going . . .
  • His favorite activities are sucking on his fist, staring very intently at the toys hanging from his bouncy chair, and kicking his legs around. He’s also really starting to like baths, which he wasn’t so sure about at first. And, he loves getting his diaper changed.
  • He is affectionately called “the kid” by his dad and “Ian bow bee-an” by his mom.

What a pleasure it is to be my son’s mother. I try to frequently tell him that he is such a blessing, but it never seems to be enough!

God is gracious.


5 responses to “Three months

  1. Lisa,

    You, too, were sweet, caring and patient when you were a child. You were always very concerned about the feelings of others and you had a sense of joy about you. You loved your friends at Carrie’s house.

    The picture of you and your friend Meredith at the
    James J. Hill small dog races kind of capsules all of this. You are so cute with your snoppy hat, pick jacket and the box of popcorn you are sharing with Meredith. Don’t sell youself short kid. You are special.

    I am so blessed to be your Mom, Jason’s Mother in law and Ian’s Grandmother.

    This is a great summary of Ian’s first 3 months. He is very photographic.

    Love always,

    ps Murray says hi to Lizzie

  2. grandma from Georgia

    What a great blog. Elisabeth you outdid yourself. I have read it over and over and just smiled at the pictures, he is soooooo cute.

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  4. What a great post! You and Jason are so blessed and we are all blessed to have you as our family. Ian has so much personality, just like the two of you. We just saw you a week ago, but we miss you much.
    God Bless You!
    Dad (Brad)

  5. Beverly Kieffer/Keck

    Dear Lisa– Your update and wonderful descriptions of Ian was so full of your mother love it touched my heart. He is a beautiful baby and truly a very special blessing. –Beverly

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