Finding those great deals

My friend Amie started a blog not too long ago that’s all about frugal living. I’ve been following her posts and am quite intrigued by all the coupons and online money-saving programs she uses and all the rebates and free stuff she regularly acquires.

Since Lizzie broke our printer a few months ago (paw in front of moving printer cartridge = severely handicapped printer), I have been thinking about whether we should live with the annoying sound it makes and the blurry printing results or if it’s worth it to buy a new one. Plus, I’ve been wanting a scanner, which our current troubled printer does not have.

Since I feel quite overwhelmed with all the online savings stuff, I thought I would contact Amie with a little real life challenge and see if she could help me find a steal on an all-in-one printer.

The one I found was regularly $150 and was 50% off at I thought that was quite the deal, but Amie found it for even cheaper (way cheaper!).

To see how cheap it really was and how she did it, visit her blog.


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