A dream smashed in an instant

I have told Jason on numerous occasions that one day I want to have a kitten farm.

It would be open to the public, of course.  That way, if you were having a bad day you could come to the kitten farm and see all the kittens.  If that wouldn’t brighten someone’s day, I don’t know what would.

But then Jason asked me “What will you do when all the kittens grow up?”

Hmm.  I hadn’t thought that far.

“Well, I guess they could stay on the farm as long as they wanted.”  I don’t want to be exclusive.

But then it wouldn’t really be a kitten farm anymore would it?  I would just be a weird cat lady.

Well, I think the kitten farm (with its flaws) has some competition–now that Jason told me that there are such a thing as miniature cattle!  They are so darn cute and the best thing about them is they stay like baby cows FOREVER.

We got on the subject of cows because we were thinking about buying one and splitting all the meat with a couple of other families.

Heaven forbid we would ever slaughter one of these cute little things.  I asked Jason if we could look into whether the city would allow us to have a miniature cow on our property, since it’s really not that much bigger than a goat, and those are allowed.  Heck, it could be an educational tool for our son.  He could learn some responsibility!

Jason’s not dumb enough to buy that reasoning.  We both know it would really be for me.  It would brighten my day to look out the window into my yard and see a cute little cow mooing and munching on grass.

And, on Halloween we could dress Ian up like a cowboy and he could drag the little mini-cow around with him to go trick-or-treating.  And we could put a picture of it on our Christmas card!

Then I started thinking if the mini cow thing worked out, we could get another one to keep it company.  And then if that worked out okay maybe we could get a whole farm . . . ???

After all that mental planning, Jason’s response was this:

“If we get a mini cow, then I want to be able to eventually eat it.”

Conversation over.


3 responses to “A dream smashed in an instant

  1. This cracked me up. I have some friends that do the “split a cow” thing, but they never have to see the cow, since it lives on a farm in a different town. Maybe that would make it a little more “palatable” for you. =)

    Maybe they have miniature cats? I’d be one of your regular visitors to your miniature cat farm.

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