One honest person

“Hey Dad, this is me at Costco!”

This is documentation of Ian’s second trip to Costco. We were going to take a picture of his first visit, but we couldn’t find the camera when we arrived at the entrance a couple of weekends ago.

Jason was disappointed because Costco is one of his favorite places on earth, but we just assumed we had left it at home. Well, the camera wasn’t at home. And it wasn’t in the car. It was nowhere to be found.

I was more than disappointed. I was very, very upset. I love taking pictures and I love our camera. I imagine myself taking several hundred dollars and putting it down the garbage disposal and it makes me really mad. Because, really, that’s essentially what we did, even if it was unintentionally.

In my emotional distress (and admittedly, tears) about our loss I said to Jason, “Let’s go back to Costco! We can scour the parking lot, maybe it’s still there!”

He thought that was a stupid thing to do, a week after the fact. I tend to be the one in our relationship that commiserates about the depraved nature of humanity, but this time he was the one who thought no one would surely turn in a nice camera that they could keep for themselves. Finders keepers, right?

Well, as you can surmise from the fact that we had the above photo taken at Costco, the camera was found. And it was by some honest person who took it to the lost and found.

Whoever you are out there, THANK YOU.

The really awesome thing is that the employee at Costco who gave me back the camera said that they usually only keep money, wallets and keys in their safe but the person who turned it in told him it was a really nice camera that they would want to keep locked up.

I must also thank my mother. She is the one who told me “It never hurts to call Costco and make sure they don’t have it.” I think she said this because she gets as upset about losing things as I do.

Jason, I know it’s not the same, but hopefully this photo will suffice. At least we made our first trip to Costco a memorable one even though we didn’t get a picture of it.


3 responses to “One honest person

  1. Isn’t it great that your most favorite place in the world is Costco? That means that wherever you go, you can go to your favorite place!

  2. You’re weird… Costco??? Very cool, I’ll admit…. but favorite place?

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