I can’t imagine living life without you. You bring so much love, joy, encouragement, healing, wisdom, grace, and fun to our marriage. You are a great father, too – I can’t wait to see Ian grow up following in your footsteps.

Happy Birthday. I hope 33 is your best year yet (Ian & I hope to make it so!).

I love you,


5 responses to “33

  1. I love you too beautiful wife. That was the best birthday wish ever!!!

  2. such a cute picture! he looks like both of you i think. happy birthday Jason!

  3. Happy Birthday Jason, what a beautiful grandson I have.

  4. J,

    Happy birthday. You’re an old, old man now.

  5. Jason,

    Ian really looks like you in this picture. Have a happy birthday weekend as the celebration continues.

    Lisa and Ian are not the only lucky ones. I have a terrific son in law.

    Love always,

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