Two weeks with Ian

Several people have told me they were wondering when we’d pop back up on this blog, since we’ve been MIA since shortly after Ian was born two weeks ago today.

Yes, we are still around and generally doing very well. And don’t worry, this blog won’t die. But, despite my intentions to not have this blog turn parenting-specific, I do reserve the right to keep my posts Ian-related for at least a short while since obviously that’s pretty much our life right now. Plus, let’s just face it, at the moment everyone just wants to see pictures of the kid 😉

As for what we’ve been up to, the first week the three of us spent together at home. That blissful feeling post-birth was definitely there and we really enjoyed just being with Ian and each other.

Due to some complications post-birth (which I hope to write about in the next few days), it took me longer than usual to regain my energy afterward, so I spent that first week in bed, which I didn’t mind a bit. Jason was fantastic, bringing me meals in bed, running to the store, changing diapers, and soothing Ian. He’s also been very good to his somewhat emotionally volatile wife, who burst into tears in the shower thinking about Ian all grown up. Hello hormones.

Just about the time I started to get back some energy and feel like myself again, Grandma and Grandpa Haggard and Grandpa Brad & Linda came to visit. They were all happy to just hang out at home. We ate Grandma Becky’s fantastic homemade pizza, watched a movie, and opened Christmas presents. Becky also went along to various doctor’s appointments with me and was a great help with extra hands and good questions to ask the doctors. And of course, we had to make a trip to Trophy for cupcakes with Grandpa Bill.

As for as how Ian has been doing, breastfeeding has been a challenge (for me, too). When it just didn’t feel like we were making progress, I went to see a lactation consultant at Great Starts. When she took a look she suggested I see the pediatrician who had an office there. It just so happens this doctor is a world-renown breastfeeding specialist and she was able to identify that Ian had tongue tie. I guess most doctors aren’t trained to identify this. Our family doctor confirmed this and we went in to have it clipped on Monday.

Through the whole ordeal I have discovered that Ian is a very patient little boy. Through several doctor’s visits, all the latching and un-latching, getting cut, poked and prodded, he has been a trooper. He was very brave when they did the frenectomy and I was able to comfort him when he needed snuggles afterward. And despite his compromised ability to get milk down, the scale says he’s gaining weight like a champ.

All in all, we are taking it day by day and enjoying the huge blessing that our son is to us and to all our family & friends. There is so much to learn about Ian and how to take care of him, but I have seen the Lord provide wisdom just when we’ve needed it. It really is true that women have a special built-in mother’s instinct–I have seen that through the breastfeeding challenges we’ve had. I have also seen the Lord lead us to the right medical help, provide encouraging drop-ins and phone calls from friends, and given us well-timed sleep or a meal just about the time we’re totally wiped out.

Last Sunday at church we sang “O Holy Night” and at the most dramatic point in the song we sang the lyrics “He knows our needs, to our weakness is no stranger . . .” In our journey as new parents, these words are very poignant. I hope we can always recognize how much we need God in raising our son and be thankful for His provision day by day.

Thanks to everyone who has brought meals, love, encouragement, a helpful hand, and excitement over meeting the newest member of our family.

And what you’ve all been waiting for, a few more pictures (added to the bottom of the set).


3 responses to “Two weeks with Ian

  1. I have some captions for your pictures. See if you can match them up.

    “Who are you and what are you doing in my bed?

    “Ok, I’ll arm wrestle you to see who gets to ride in the B.O.B.!”

    “Ugh, girls!”

    “I’ll pretent to be asleep and maybe then she’ll go away.”

    “Not working. Be more still. Hum, she is kinda cute.”

    Two bonus quotes.

    “Dad, I forgot how old I am! Where’s my sign?”

    “And where is Jimmy the Dog?”

    Love you guys, had a great visit, looking forward to January 29.

  2. Christian Kiemele

    OMG! He is so cute! When will you be able to bring him over to meet us?

  3. I am so thankful things are going well. I greatly anticipate your Ian blogs and hope to catch you at Church so we can oggle him.

    Praise God for His goodness. It’s amazing how the Lord instills in us the ability to read our children.

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