Update from Ian

Yo, this is Ian. Things are going pretty good at my house.

Today I

  • pooped a lot
  • snuggled with my Daddy & Mama
  • had a visit with Cindie, the very nice lady who helped me come into this world. I slept for half of it, but she didn’t seem to be offended.
  • got my heel poked, which I did not like
  • listened to Sufjan. I mean come on, it is Christmas time.

Daddy says I probably won’t become a spy because we filled out my birth certificate paperwork. Now the state will be able to track me.

Also, I met my Uncle J and Auntie E last night. I showed them my burrito skills.

I know you think I’m pretty cute. Here are some pictures of me.


One response to “Update from Ian

  1. he’s a most handsome baby (Cindie told me that too and I’d have to agree from the pics). excited to bring you dinner… really just an excuse to hopefully see you and Ian! šŸ™‚

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