A Francis Thanksgiving

Here we all are at Thanksgiving (and Jordan’s birthday)–Jordan, Mom Francis, Elysia, Jason, me, Mom and Noe. Yet another celebration with the Francis people.

Jordan got a new camera for his birthday and this is his attempt at using the timer feature. As you can see, we’re all showing our true and weird colors. Mother Teresa has been quite easily adopted in.

Elysia made a fantastic dinner complete with pumpkin cheesecake and pecan pie to finish it off. The conversation of choice settled around what kind of superhero each one of us would be. Unsurprisingly Jason was deemed “Sensitive Man”, Mom was “Queen of Planning”, and I was “Super Blogger”.

And yes, I look exactly the same as I did when this picture was taken. Still pregnant.


2 responses to “A Francis Thanksgiving

  1. Congratulations and give that boy a kiss for me. I hope he likes his blankie.
    xoxoxo Auntie Chele in Hawaii

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