Happy Birthday, Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa turns 40 today. Well, not technically speaking, but I think we all know what I mean.

She doesn’t look a hair past 39, does she? I think it’s all those facials in the recent years. Here’s hoping I get the anti-aging genes.

When she’s not busy jetting off for getaway weekends on people’s personal jets (no joke), she likes to spend her time gardening, visiting us in Seattle, loving on Lizzie, spending time with friends, fly fishing (gators and all) and ecstatically cheering on the Gonzaga Bulldogs basketball team.

She has recently also picked up a new hobby: cleaning out her house and consequently bringing anything she doesn’t want to ours.

Some things that I have really come to appreciate about my mom are:

  • Over the years she has always been able to laugh at herself. As a result she has encouraged me to not take myself so seriously. Her efforts seemed stalled during the teenage and college years, but when I started singing to the cat and talking to myself in the mirror while getting ready in the mornings, I realized things had finally come full circle.
  • She is a fantastic gift giver. She does not hesitate to give yet she is not owned by things. She knows how to find just the right thing for the people she knows. I have been the recipient of this many times, but I have also seen many others blessed by this, too.
  • She keeps a beautiful home. Growing up I was surrounded by a lot of beautiful things in our house, which I look back on and am very thankful for, to both my parents. My mom has very tasteful decorating skills, is a fantastic floral gardener, she knows how to make the holidays beautiful, and her meals are pretty and delicious.
  • She really likes Jason. In fact, sometimes I get completely butted out of the conversation and have resigned myself to sitting silently as they talk about investing or the wines she brings him. Plus, Jason seems to be able to convince her to do things that I can’t (ie–the horse face). I am really glad they enjoy each other’s company so much.
  • She is letting her faith be built. I have seen this especially recently, as she left a job that she felt convicted was no longer what God wanted for her. I really see her trusting in the Lord in this time and waiting patiently for what the next blessing will be. We have really enjoyed spending this extra time with her, too!

Here’s to Mother T, who (sometimes) lets loose and lets the wind blow in her hair.

I love you, Mom. Happy Birthday!


2 responses to “Happy Birthday, Mother Teresa

  1. Awww, what a sweet post! She sounds like a great woman.

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